Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Whisk is the newest food place at Wisma (although it's not that new now... I'm very slow la!), which is great since Wisma is seriously lacking in proper sit down food places. It reminds me of a Fish and Co/Cafe Cartel kind of restaurant. It was pretty empty in the afternoon I went, and the aircon there was super shiok.
My ebi soba salad ($15.90++), which I ordered cos I was so hot (from walking all the way to Wisma from my usual very far carpark). It's a pretty big bowl of salad, and comes with 6 big pieces of chilled, succulent prawns. There's crunchy sugar snaps, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh muchrooms, tofu and soba, all tossed in a fragrant dressing, which had the fragrance of sesame oil.
Max Super Sandwich ($10.90++) which has crispy bacon and egg omelette with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. It smelt like an English Breakfast fry-up. The bacon wasn't as fatty as I had expected it to be- usually it's streaked with fat but this one looks more like back bacon. The sandwich is packed with bacon and egg, and has to be skewered together or it'll just explode.
Pete's Beef Sandwich ($13.90++) has sliced ribeye steak with parmesan cheese and roasted onion marmalde. It smelt quite good, and the people who were eating it said it was delicious. Like the other sandwich, it comes with a huge serving of fries, which aren't over-salted.
Whisk is somewhere I forsee myself going to next time when I'm too lazy to think of another new place to try. Cos it's conveniently located. Hope it isn't as crowded as the Coffee Club at taka, cos I hate queueing! There's quite alot of other stuff on the menu that I'll like to try... I shall bring my mother there next time:P
435 Orchard Road
#03-15 Wisma Atria
Tel: 6836 5080


M. said...

I just saw that this place is dead. TCC in the works.

m said...

hello M. I think you've got the wrong level. Whisk is one level on top of the TCC thing ur talking about. I just walked past yesterday it's alive and kicking :)