Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Osho Singapore

I'm blogging this cos my tutor just postponed our tutorial by half an hour, and I'm rather sad because I paid the $1.50 ERP gantry fee because I was a bit late this morning, and missed the $0.50 ERP (before 8.30) and the $1 ERP (8.30-8.35). If I go after 9am, it'll be $0.50 :(Pirikara Ramen ($13)
This is a slightly spicy ramen, and comes with minced pork and bean sprouts. It's very very salty and other than that, I can hardly taste much except that the soup's really oily. The soup has a canned-tomato soup colour, but it doesn't taste of tomato at all.
This dish has a queer name (which I can't remember at the moment, I shall go home later to check the menu, which I photographed). It's fried chicken and fries, fried together with tomato ketchup. It reminds me of my primary school western stall, where the ketchup is much more watery and more sourish than the kind you get from the usual ketchup brands. And no suprise, this was extremely salty.
The dinner set (I think it was $16?) that they had that day, garlic fried rice, fried chicken, some chicken balls in a brown sauce and omelette. Clear soup. Gyoza not included. As usual, the dish was extremely salty. The omelette was excellent, not only because it was the only non-salty thing on the plate (besides the salad), but also because it was just cooked, soft and runny inside.
The gyoza was not bad, in fact, it wasn't salty either. The Pirikara ramen + gyoza costs $16, so it's worth getting the set if you want to eat the gyoza. I prefer noodle house ken's one though.

I really don't quite like Osho because the chef is way too generous with the salt. I really think that the dishes would taste much better without so much salt, cos I really can't taste anytyhing except the salt. Fortunately, they have lots of ice cold water so you can just keep topping up your water.
The prices here are very affordable, and there's aircon, and the service is passable (think something like an aircon coffeeshop, just that they take your orders and serve the dishes). But do note that you'll smell of fried food after eating at osho, cos the cooking's done really near the tables, and all the oil will get stuck in your hair.

Osho Singapore
5 Koek Road
#01-10 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6735 7068


HisFoodBlog said...

It's called "Funky Potato". And yes, the dish reminded me more of my good old primary school days than a Japanese fare.

Their Gyoza, though not the best, aint't too bad. One side of it is usually well pan-fried.

ice said...

I haven't try the ramen but I like Ohsho's chahan. It's full of wok hei and much better than Chinese fried rice from anywhere. The sets are very reasonably priced, no svc and gst. I like the liver stir fry too.

The chicken & fries dish is called Funky Potatoes. :)

m said...

hello hfb, yup funky potato it is! Gyoza is passable, pretty average.

Ice: I didn't know they have liver stir fry maybe I should go and try it,sounds interesting. lol both u and hfb remembered the queer funky potato name!

Eileen. 静 said...

i kinda like the ramen..but yeah..a tad salty at times good thing here is that they are open till late.. which is good when i crave for ramen at 11pm