Monday, March 2, 2009

Mei Hong Yuen

I had this post sitting around for the past 3 weeks, but after reading the sunday life (my fave newspaper day, since they review tonnes of food!), I have been motivated to faster blog about it. I saw Travellinghungryboy's irresistable photo of the mango snow ice in it's towering glory, and decided to eat it the next day, since it was so hot, and since I'm near chinatown. Each of the snow ices cost $5. I'm pretty glad that the snow ice fad has been revived, it was around a few years back - there was one at chompchomp and another at queensway, but they both closed down! Anyway, the ones that I go to now is the AMK hub one, and the Mei Hong Yuen.

Anyway, I attempted to eat this by myself, and sadly overestimated my dessert capacity. I think I left about a third (all melted into a sad yellow puddle). Oh wells, they should have these in half sized portions. This is way too big for one person!
Peanut snow ice, which has lucious layers of peanut snow ice topped with rainbow rice. It tastes like peanut butter, just that it's not as cloying and doesn't leave you with a dry sore-feeling throat.
Ohr Nee - for people who want to eat more traditional chinese desserts, Mei Hong Yuen's famous for it's almond, walnut and sesame paste, and it's mango pomelo sago. They also have the steamed egg milk (which is like milk pudding, super delicious when it's eaten extremely chilled). Though I must say that the mangopomelosago wasn't v nice that day we went. Not milky, and pretty sour. The orh nee tastes as good as it looks - I'm currently craving for good not so oily ohr nee. There was a recipe for healthy ohr nee in the Sunday Life I think? I better go and cut it out before my maid uses it to line the bird cage.

Mei Hong Yuen
65-67 Temple Street
Kreta Ayer Conservation Area
Tel: 6221 1156


y said...

is the peanut ice $5 too? thanks :)

ice said...

Orh nee!!! =))) I love orh nee cooked with pork lard. That's how orh nee should be, then only will it taste delicious. :)

T__T said...

That shaved ice looks scary! Can one person even finish it?

m said...

y: Yup the peanut's $5. They also have greentea and red beans for the same price.

ice: lol u sound like a true ohr nee fan. Personally, I'm fine with it just as long as it doesnt have the super strong spring onion smell and taste. And I love the pumpkin part of it :D

m said...

T__T :yup I'm sure it's possible though I can't! I just saw the dinner with Murakami trailer on ur blog! I'm too slow - no more tickets :(