Monday, March 16, 2009

Space @ My Humble House

Yikes I haven't been updating my blog dilligently even after my exam. I was thinking I'll be free-er after (I suppose I am free-er, but I seem to be wasting lots of time! especially since I nap so much now), but I guess not. So, before I dissappear for 4 days, I shall update more :)

Space @ My Humble House is the poorer sister of Humble House, and it's where I usually go if I have stuff to do/see at the esplanade. Since I'm such a boring person, I've eaten the Lamb bak kut teh over 5 times cos I like it lots and Im very boring and unwilling to try new stuff once I've found something that I like.
Lamb Bak Kut Teh, (the only bak kut teh Julie can eat :P) which is $14++ for 2 pieces of lamb chop, 2 mushrooms, dao kee (beancurd skin), rice and oyster sauce vegetables. (I was just cheking my old post on this, and I've realized how lousy my phrasing was last time, not that it's improved that much now but I think it's slightly better).

For the longest time (till the time I entered 3rd year), I never knew that bak kut teh was eaten with you tiao and black sauce&chilli. But it's probably cos I don't like the porky taste from the pork ribs (which is probably the porkiest tasting cut from the pig) so I never ordered it. Btw, do you know that pigs have knees! The thought that pigs had KNEES never occured to me till Friday.
Onto the description of the soup - it's the dark brown herb kind, and tastes very sweet. The lamb chops are pink and juicy and succulent. I usually just pick it up with my fingers since my chopstick skills are not very good. The rice here is very soft (not soggy) and fluffy and it's topped with the very aromatic fried garlic.
My new favourite dish at Space@ My Humble House, which is the $12++ laksa. Before you start rolling your eyes and saying how can people pay $12++ for LAKSA, it's cos it comes with scallop and oyster. Super atas laksa. Actually, the high point of me eating laksa comes from the juicy dirrrrty cockles so I was pretty skeptical about the $12++ laksa, which is ang-moh-fied.

Well, it is westernized laksa, cos it's completely not spicy (which is fantastic for me since I can't take chilli :P) I bet they put tonns of coconut milk inside, cos it's the creamiest laksa that I've eaten and the best part of this is the one oyster, two slices of fish, two (de-shelled) prawns and 2 pieces of scallop. The oyster, fish and prawns are battered and deep fried, and although my seafood was soaking in the laksa gravy for quite long, they were still slightly crispy. The seafood was very fresh - and the prawn wasn't the bicarbonated prawn so it was genuinely fresh and firm and tasty.

Of course, it doesn't really taste like the normal laksa that we get in the hawker centers, cos there's no dried prawn. Or fishcake or haam, beansprouts or laksa leaf for that matter. I drank half the gravy (since it was not spicy) and now I'm pretty scared of the many fatty streaks forming on my aorta.
I was so bowled over by the laksa, that after my show (which was so incredibly long, but very good - but I was so tired of sitting down), I went to eat laksa for supper. So now I have twice the number of fatty streaks accumulating on my arteries. I must make a mental note not to wear light coloured stuff the next time, so I won't have to worry about splatters.
Mama Leong's Chicken Rice, $14++ for half a chicken.

The chicken, like all chicken rice chicken, is really very delicious, though you can probably get chicken which tastes just as good at Boon Tong Kee (or whichever chicken rice place is the reigning champion in the Makansutra guide). Come to think of it, I hardly eat chicken rice, maybe except for the Alexander Village one when I'm nearby. Do bring mints if you want to eat the chicken cos the chilli sauce is extremely garlicky.
Wagyu Beef Hor Fun ($22++), the very extravagant and very expensive twist on beef hor fun. which I didn't eat but according to my brother, it's not very good and he was having trouble finishing up his portion (partly because we were greedy and we ordered 3 carbo heavy dishes between the both of us).
Seafood Consomme, which is the atas name for seafood soup with rice. Obviously I wasn't very impressed (my mum ate this quite long ago, just that I didnt blog about it) but it has crab meat inside so it has a nice seafood taste.
My favourite dessert - Pumpkin Creme Brulee with Mango Sorbet ($10++). Truthfully, I can't really taste the pumpkin in the creme brulee, but the creme brulee has an extremely soft creamy texture, and I think it's more orangey because of the pumpkin. The mango sorbet is refreshingly sweet, and goes well with the blackcurrent sauce.
Crispy caramelized sugar, chilled diced mango and lucious cold creme brulee. Yums! I love going to the esplanade cos there's so much nice stuff to eat :D

Space@ my Humble House is my default place to go if I'm going to esplanade to watch a show. Sure beats the super long que and average food at Ichiban Boshi. But then again, if you're a hawker center purist, don't come here - you'll feel that you're getting ripped off for chicken rice and other hawker center staples. But then again, you don't want to watch a show and be reeking of tze-char smell cos you've just eaten at Glutton's Bay right? (And Thai Express, for that matter - I ate there before a show and I could smell fried food in my clothes the whole night). Maybe I will go to 7atenine for dinner someday :) (but not while lunch unlimited is still on :P)

Space @ My Humble House 寒舍一隔
8 Raffles Avenue
#02-25 Esplanade Mall
Tel: 6423 1881

Haiz, Comex just ended and I want to buy a new ipod nano but then my old one is still alive and kicking but just that the battery is lousy and doesn't last for more than 1 hour. Oh wells, comex is just over so I guess I'll have to wait for the next one to come. I'm going to get the mustard yellow one. Unless they have the red AIDS one again. (So that it can match my hp).


julie said...

oh the seafood consumme is the yummiest porridge i've eaten!

ice said...

I love the seafood consomme! Pumpkin creme bulee... I'm sold.