Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cedele - Maple Cake

I've been having an insane craving for Cedele's Maple Hazelnut (or is it almond? tastes the same anw) blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting, ever since I ate it about a month ago at my Grandma's birthday.

The cake is simply delicious, because I'm a great fan of maple syrup (must be all that Macdonalds pancakes last time!) and cream cheese. And blueberry (love blueberry when it's in those neighbourhood bakery green-coloured waffles!).

The lucious cream cheese icing goes extremely well with the sweet maple syrup taste, and best of all, the icing is so decadantly thick :D

And to top of the whole winning combination, there's lots of nuts encrusting the circumference of the cake.

Oh my I'm getting insanely hungry now!

No prizes for guessing what kind of cake I'm getting for my birthday this year! :D

I'll give it 5 stars, but then EVERYONE will come to me and say "aiyah i thought the cake was very extremely nice, but it's just average lah!" if i raise everyone's expectations up so high by raving about it :P

I went to raffles city (to get something, but also to look for the maple blueberry hazelunt cake) but they didn't have stock! Sadness! I hope they start selling more pre-sliced verisons of this, since I can't be buying a whole cake everytime a Maple Blueberry hazelnut Cake craving hits!

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