Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gloria Jean's and Odri

We were at cine quite a while ago and went to Gloria Jeans' for their $3 ice blended drinks. The Malay guy at the counter spelt Audrey as ODRI. So hilarious!!

I can't remember what movie I was catching, just that it was pretty long ago. I have an incredibly long list of movies I want to watch, including The Reader, Watchmen, Revolutionary Road, Benjamin Button (shouldn't have read the book first, now I don't feel like sitting thru 3 hrs of the movie!)
To this date, I've tried the strawberry smoothie, chocolate and strawberry, and chocolate shake. I like the chocolate shake followed by the strawberry smoothie. The $3 offer is really worth it! It's usually around $6. So pop by cine to get your $3 drink. And if you're feeling wu liao you can pretend that you're name is Audrey and see if they spell it as ODRI again. lol!!

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david santos said...

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