Thursday, March 5, 2009

Qun Zhong Eating House

This is where I ate my first zha jiang mian ever during one of my cfsc cg's many food expeditions. Anyway, it's the best zha jiang mian which I've tasted in my limited zha jiang mian repertoire. I've been back twice so far - I have to visit this place at least once if I'm posted nearby. The bowl of zha jiang mian ($5.50), served steaming hot with minced pork and salted bean sauce, with lots of shredded cucumbers, green leafy vegetables and beansprouts. The noodles are soft but not soggy, and everytime I come here I have to resist the urge to slurp the whole bowl of noodles down. I think the portion has shrunk since I last came here (about 6mths ago), but maybe I was hungrier? The noodles are fresh and moist, and the salty black sauce is delicious when paired with a bit of vinegar and chilli. This is probably one of the few places where I actually add chilli into my food.The fried guo tie (gyoza) was golden brown on one side, and are filled with minced pork and chives. I can't remember how much it is but it's less than 10 bucks.
The crispy pancake ($9) comes with 2 fillings, either red bean or lotus paste. I like to think of this as the Chinese version of puff pastry, and the outer layer is crispy and brittle. It's also generously sprinkled with fragrant sesame seeds. There's a soft layer of pastry underneath the crispy outer layer. The lotus filling is also very generous. I really like lotus paste cos it reminds me of mooncakes. It's served once it comes out of the fryer, so be careful while eating this cos the filling's scorchingly hot.

I'll give it 4/5 stars, just that I'm not on my usual computer, so I can't upload any stars. The service sucks - as evidenced by the many poor reviews on hungrygowhere. They won't let you get a table till everyone arrives, and they hate taking 2nd orders, which I did, and they took over 15 min to cook the lotus pancake, and when we told the waitress that if they haven't started cooking it, we'll cancel the order, the stupid old guy (I'm such an ageist!) said so loudly (in chinese) that if we wanted it quickly, we should have ordered it together. Anyway, lucky it was raining pretty heavily so he had no other customers, or I'm pretty sure he'd have chased us away.

btw, this was what one of the reviewers on hgw said : AWFUL OLD UNCLE!!!
OMG!! My wife is pregnant 6 months and so called "the owner" asked her to wait OUTSIDE while I was parking my car across the street parking lot!! Luckily I could manage my temper at that time. There was 2 empty tables while my wife was waiting outside!Stay away from this coffee shop!!! His attitude ruin my appetite!!OLD UNCLE, HOPE YOU READ THIS!! THINK IF THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR DAUGHTER!!!"

and another by weightyman on hgw : "Reservation: Don't think they accept - just queue up and rush in."

and by food goddess2 on hgw : "The ambience of the restaurant was obviously very stuffy. I came out of it smelling like beansprout."

by MY, on hgw: "And the uncle @ the reception area can try to a little happier ;) Life is beautiful!"

ok I'm gg to go and do my last set of 100 MCQs before tmr, and I wanna watch Lifewatch at 9, so I shall stop rofl-ing at the comments on hgw!

They only accept cash, so make sure you have enough, since I doubt there's any ATMs nearby. Bet the uncle will throw a hissy fit when he finds out you don't have cash lol!

Qun Zhong Eating House
21 Neil Road
Tel: 6221 3060
Operating Hours:11.30am - 3.00pm
5.30pm - 9.30pm
(Closed on Wed, as I unhappily found out the previous time I came here, and tore my $2 coupon)

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