Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Banana Butterscotch Cheescake from Coffee Club

Odri's (audrey's) recommendation of the banana butterscotch cheesecake (BBC) from The Coffee Club has been a hit with everyone I've introduced it to. Although I don't like the taste of banana, I somehow find the taste of this banana cheesecake very agreeable, especially with the thick gooey butterscotch sauce. I think it's cos it tastes of banana more than it smells of banana (I don't like the banana smell).

The cake part is very dense, cos there's lots of banana inside, and it's not insanely creamy and filling like the normal American/New York cheesecake. The icing layer is pretty thick (not as thick as cedele's though!). One gripe I have about the cake is that the graham cookie base is very oily and soggy. Other than that, the cake is perfect - but I think it'll do even better with a scoop of ice cream :)

Actually, I'm quite scared now that everyone will eat the BBC, and there'll be none left when I have my BBC craving! I think it's $6 per slice, and around $7.50 after taxes (including the banana and butterscotch).

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