Friday, March 13, 2009

Ajisen Ramen - Suprisingly Edible

Omg Ajisen ramen actually tastes not bad! Perhaps it's a case of super low expectations, or maybe they just improved their ramen recipe, but I'm incredibly suprised that I think the ramen from Ajisen is average and not that lousy! I have been avoiding Ajisen like plague cos when it first opened (quite long ago) I went to the Westmall branch (dunno if it's still there now) with my friend and we both decided that the food sucked.
Apart from their miserable stewed egg (which is hard and overcooked), the noodles are not too bad (not soggy) and they give quite alot of other ingredients.

The stock I had was the default stock (not the miso one) and it had the fragrant smell of fried garlic (can see all the brown bits floating on top). Maybe the fried garlic makes it nicer?

Some deep fried small fish - skip this too the sauce is so weird - lemony and sweetish and very salty.
Their Caesar salad ($8.80) is super lousy prob the worst salad I've tasted in a long time. Other than the real bacon bits which are incredibly fatty, there is nothing good abt the salad. If you want to eat salad, go to Frensh, which is just a short walk away from Ajisen.
Anyway, how I ended up eating in Ajisen was because in the 'Japanese Town' they have Ajisen, Botejyu and Sapporo Curry. I wanted to eat the curry, but to my horror, I found out that they use a BEEF BASED curry stock. Imagine all the people who can't eat beef (especially for religious reasons!) who have been happily eating the curry here. They should seriously put a sign saying that the curry is beef based!
Ajisen's pretty extensive menu - I like the soft pork ramen, cos the pork is extremely soft and tasty, and all the tendons become jelly-like. But I haven't really tried anything else.

For affordable ramen with lots of ingredients, and for people who hate the more traditional ramen, this is definitely for you. I'm pretty sure that nearly everyone has eaten here already, I'm just blogging about this cos I am so suprised that it's actually edible.


ratatouille said...

i used to think ajisen was quite good until i tried the rest. personally find ajisen to be too salty n loads of msg.

ladyironchef said...

lol! i like your title, surprisingly edible! haha. i dont like, find it too salty. only tried once before

m said...

ratatouille: I'm the exacto opp from u! I do think there's loads of better ramen (but they're never in large shopping centers, unless u count noodle house ken which is near centerpoint, and those in central, but there's nothing much to buy there). I'm pretty fortunate tt I can't sense msg, and I don't have any adverse rxns to msg either :)

lic: ya I tried it once before then never went again. I think they've improved their recipe. For the times that I'm desperate for ramen...