Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Yay I got to try my Miharu Ramen at Gallery Hotel after Miharu-ing at everyone so long (and no one wanted to go and eat it with me, cos somehow there always seemed to be a better place to go). Mondays are really nice cos it's so relaxing (slack!), which is great since if I had a heavy Monday, I'll get major monday blues!I had the Tonkatsu Tonshio ($12.50++, or $15 nett, with free topping of corn). Again, for those people who wonder what for pay so much for ONE miserable piece of pork, it's the soup base your paying for (and all that boiling and gas/electricity fees). The waitress recommended either the Tonkusen Miso ($13++) or the Miso Tsukemen ($12.50++) which is cold noodles with hot soup.

They have fish-based shoyu stock for the Wabusi Shoyu which sounds pretty interesting. Perhaps I'll come back and give it a try. The cold ramen sounds pretty good too! I'm currently craving Noodle House Ken's Cold Ramen. Can't wait to go back there!

The soup broth is pretty oily, and I actually took the Tonkatsu Tonshio cos the waitress said it's the least salty one. It's pretty salty still, but the miso one (pictured in background) is even saltier. The soup is very rich and creamy, and theres lots of oil globules floating around on the surface.
From the menu: Miharu "takes pride in serving you our specially imported Sapporo Nishiyama Noodles", which is supposed to be the most preferred and famout breand of noodles in Japan."

The texture of the noodles is pretty good - it's cooked just right with enough bite and chewiness, but what I didn't like about it was the waxy aftertaste. It's like eating those yellow prawn noodles (or whatever you call that thick fat artificially bright yellow noodle, I think the Chinese word is 'mee' cos when people order prawn mee they will say "guo tiao mee" and you'll get kway teow plus that waxy noodle?).

The charsiew piece is pretty thick and big, and not very fatty, which is good since I don't like the fatty parts. The stewed egg is overdone, and doesn't have the nice soft center.

We were there about 15 min before noon, and they flatly refused to let us in to sit (even though the aircon was on!! Not even going to order food what! and it was so darn hot ouside. The waitresses all just sat around chitchatting until after 12, when the grudgingly let us in. But I didn't complain - wait they spit into my food :O

Anyway, the waitress was pretty efficient with topping up water (cos there was such a high proportion of waitresses to diners) and getting our bill.

I'm pretty pleased with myself cos we went to take this free O+ magazine from the counter in the restaurant, and the last page had a voucher for additional free topping. So we managed to get free toppings (corn, stewed egg or leek) for our ramen :)Pesonally, I prefer Santouka and Noodle House Ken ramen, but this one comes pretty close. I pretty much like Maturama for their special 7 nuts soup, but I don't like Menya Sinchuan's soup though. I can't wait to try the new one at Hollad V since it's so near my house, it's def worth checking out. According to some reviews I've read, it's something like Santouka. Great that it's at Holland V, since Santouka's far and in CBD.

Sapporo Ramen Miharu
1 Nanson Road GF The Gallery Hotel
Tel: 6733 8464
Closed on Wednesdays


julie said...

which is the ramen shop at holland v?

i wanna try the fish stock one!

m said...

its along the row with subway. not too sure if its pure fish stock tho.