Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zsofi Tapas Bar

Julie wanted to try Zsofi Tapas Bar (and since I'm too lazy to find new food places myself - and I've been relying on recommendations from my friends :P) so I happily leeched along. The main draw was the free tapas - one sampling size of tapas for every drink bought. It's all thanks to xl tt we tried so many tapas :D (Even better still since she was so full and didn't want to eat any! Ah I'm such a parasite!)
I was feeling very un-alcoholic tt night (and very thirsty but I refuse to pay for plain water). I'm not sure why I ordered a margarita (I think the waiter recommended it?) - I don't like margaritas to begin with. This is the strawberry margarita which was so full that it was sloshing over the sides. They're really generous with the alcohol. Good esp if you're in the mood for drinking.
Julie's Granada ($15) which has Frangelico (Hazelnut Liquer), Vanilla ice-cream, Toblerone
Personally, I'm very picky about my drinks (and food) and I don't usually like milk/cream with my alcohol (btw I like Armaretto Sour and Midori Sour but I haven't drank those for very long).
The Granada tastes very much like a creamy, chocolate-chip milkshake - from the little that I pinched, I couldn't taste the alcohol though. It's pretty good and I won't mind drinking it. Tastes like molten ice cream with tolberone. And the chocolate bits don't get stuck to your teetn either,
The many tapas that we got to choose from - the meatballs are supposed to be very good, but Julie doesn't eat pork and I don't eat beef - and the meatballs are pork and beef. Anyway, we were trying to sample tapas which were more expensive - so we could get more bang for our buck.
Tortilla espanoles ($5)
The only tapas that we paid for - cos this was only $5 and we decided that since it was so cheap, we should save use the free sample sized tapas for the more expensive dishes (ok it's just me being cheapo, but it makes sense - if it's not nice at least it was free and you didn't have to pay so much for it!).
The Tortilla was very uninspiring - it was incredibly bland, and just tasted like potatoes baked in egg. I was expecting to find the tortilla which was wrapped, but it was a pancake-like thing instead. Ohwell, at least I can console myself that it was pretty cheap. Chilli Buffalo Wings (butter-based with an Asian garlic chilli sauce)
I'm not really a chicken wing fan, so I found this so-so. It's not very spicy and it's quite oily. Its the kind of thing that I'll eat if it's free.

Champinones (mushrooms marinated with herbs and white wine, sauteed)
This was my fave tapas - I'm sure they put in lots of butter cos it's really yummy. I should really get down to making this dish at home - it's quite easy to whip up and requires so few ingredients. The mushrooms were delish cos they were marinated in the herb/wine/butter emulsion and very juicy.
We also had the Calamaries Rebozados (salt and pepper battered calamari). I somehow forgot to upload the picture. Anyway, the garlic mayo sauce which came with the Calamaries was incredible - bursting with garlicky flavour and yet it didn't have the spiciness of garlic.
Eggs stuffed with pickles and capers, topped with caviar
They took quite long to make this dish - cos the kitchen ran out of the ingredients and the chef went out to buy them. The eggs are pretty good - the stuffing is creamy and sour (cos of the pickles) and nicely chilled.
They don't have tables and chairs, and you'll get to sit on the floor with some mats and cushions. I hope the cushions are clean! (Prob not - who would bother washing them...). I hate walking around barefooted in public places (unless it's the beach or something, but then again, wait you get jabbed by some needle/glass) cos I don't want to catch viral warts from other people's feet!
All the prices stated in the menu is nett - there's no extra charges. So if you count the amount of food we got, it's really pretty cheap! Their rent must be pretty low :)
Its al fresco but dont worry about the heat - there's quite a few fans switched on. The service is very attentive - bordering on over attentive but at least we got some good recommendations.
Zsofi Tapas Bar
68 Dunlop Street
Tel 62975875
Ok I'm yawning like crazy and it's only 7.30pm. omg! And I'm currently unhealthily addicted to Strawberry Läkerol, Coke Zero, Iced Tea and Subway Cookies.
And crappy, it feels like a Friday but it's only a Thursday. (But I'm enjoying my posting! Though I'm quite convinced that I'll get varicose veins by the end of 4 wks!)
At least there is Lifewatch tonight (or is it over already? I missed the previous 2 episodes). I have a bit more incentive to keep myself awake till 9pm instead of taking a nap.
I think my post is rather incoherent cos I'm very sleepy.
Btw, Audrey dropped her hp into the toilet bowl today! I asked her if it was a clean toilet bowl or not but she didn't tell me!

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