Thursday, April 30, 2009


they should seriously go and just get rid of ALL the pig farms. Everytime spreading viruses. I mean ppl can live without pigs! Got so many other kinds of animals to eat - like chicken beef lamb fish deer ostrich crocadile. chicken charsiew, siew mai and ramen are the only reason why I still eat pork.

so now i have 2 mths to sit arnd and shake leg and rot, since all postings have been suspended till further notice. was so looking fw to my next posting!! lucky i already finished gs (or I'd be even more depressed)! Drats - was just complementing myself on choosing all local electives. Now I know how all the ppl who were flying away feel.

Anw, according to em, she said she went to eat bak kwa out of vengence. lol!

I'm quite irritated now (by something else). Urgh!

At least I have a good lunch to look fw to tmr...

*Btw, does anyone know if there's a cruise/boat/ship whatever to sydney? My parents aren't letting me fly and I really don't want to rot here in sgp D:<

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ice said...

Dear, the flu is not spread through eating pork. I can't live without pork & you're having delicious pork today. :)