Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kueh Tutu

I'm currently carving for some good Kueh Tutu! Tan's Tutu Kueh stall at Clementi now has this slow (old) woman making Kueh Tutu - she's so slow and takes forever to make the kueh tutu, so now the kueh tutu stall has a que as long as the popiah stall (which has the annoying anal and purposely-make-popiah-slowly-so-her-que-becomes-longer woman). So I didn't want to que behind 6 other people to get my kueh tutu, and when i got back at 940pm, she was already cleaning the stall up:(
Maybe I'll go vivo to get my Kueh Tutu fix at the food republic cos there's always some young energetic person making the kueh tutu - anyway, both are the same price (4 for $2) now.
So I'm now looking sadly at my Kueh Tutu Magnets, which I got from the Esplanade Shop a few weeks ago, thinking how nice it'll be to eat the freshly steamed treats, filled with the delicious brown dessicated coconut with gula melaka. Sigh! A box of 3 kueh tutu magnets cost $14. I'm pretty sure it was $9 when I got it, cos I was thinkig that $3 for such a cute magnet (it even has a 'banana leaf' at the bottom) was quite worth it. But the next time I dropped by, it was $14! The creative person who made it has a blog too. I'm actually considering buying the kueh tutu mould and making my own magnets with plaster of paris - if I'm bored enough in the coming weeks, that is.


*Harris said...

The magnets are so cute haha.

I know they sell tutu kuehs at wisma's food republic as well. maybe that's less out of the way for you?

m said...

hello harris! according to the blog, you can get them from The Esplanade Shop, The Arts House and Barang Barang (Central & Singapore Post Centre outlets).
I've forgotten all about wisma actually! Thanks for reminding me - the next time I go to town I'm going to grab some kueh tutus from there:)

Mairi said...

I know this post was a while ago, but I just had some good kueh tutus from a stall in the food court at ION and thought you could try there too!