Sunday, April 19, 2009

Madrina Pizzeria Vodka Pasta

I'm still on my pasta craze - the latest will be the pasta with vodka. This is the Penne with vodka in Rose sauce (or something like that, can't rem the name actually) from Madrina Pizzeria (Blk 3 Queen's Road #02-141 Tel: 6474 7342). I think the chef's was formerly from Michelangelo's (not sure - someone said but I nv go and ask myself ). But the vodka pasta sure tastes like the one that I ate at Michelangelos (when Fish treated me, and I was too lazy to blog, and my post eventually got lost in my comp.......oops).

I think alcohol (or at least whatever's left after deglazing) tastes really good with everything. There's lots of sliced shallots inside this one, and the sauce is slightly sweetish (but not so sweet that it doesn't taste savoury anymore), and the penne was al dente. It's not that cheap though - $22++.

Vodka with pasta makes me think of the fantastic crabmeat pasta from Da Paolo. Lucky I'm not hungry now or I'll probably be drooling all over my keyboard

Appetiser: Calamari Rings - not too bad pretty big portion (though I don't know how much it costs) which is served with tartare sauce and some tomato based sauce, the pizza on the left is the 5 spice smoked salmon with mascarpone cheese ($20++ ?), and the one on the right is the seafood pizza. I think the seafood pizza ($22++) was the nicest tasting one - lots of seafood on thin crust pizza.

Oh I just found out (after googling around) that it's a kid friendly place! Ok I think it's not so bad if you have kids in tow cos they'll be entertained making their own pizza (for free somemore!) - kids+making food= big mess, so might as well mess up somewhere else which you don't have to clean up lol! Plus the kids making pizza (without toppings) is free somemore!

My new aim in life is to try to save more money. However, from past experience, I think this will probably last for about 2 weeks? I'm feeling incredibly stingy right now no thanks to JANE FOO (who will probably be stressed cheonging her assignment tonight cos she procrastinated for 1 wk alr :P) and something purple.

Anyway, in my attempt to save money, I have googled the recipe for Penne a la Vodka :) From the ingredients, the recipe looks quite good. I wonder if you have to use good vodka for it? Or can I just use the cheapest one around? Hmmm.

I'm incredibly sleepy now - my sleep cycle has been screwed up for the past month - Ytd I slpt from 1130pm till 10am today! scary!!

I'm going to blog about tippling club next - I somehow can't gather up the energy to write a post about the shitty dining experience :O

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