Monday, April 27, 2009

Selera Currypuff aka Rex Currypuff

This is the currypuff which my mum's crazy over. According to her, it's known as the Rex Currypuff, and was very famous last time (very long ago). Until now, the only few currypuffs that I've been eating is the famous Old Chang Kee, and, when I'm really desperate (rarely), I get the Polar Currypuffs (only cos it's 24hrs at the petrol stations).

I've only recently tried the Rex Theater currypuffs. The curry paste is 100000x more robust than Old Chang Kee's, and it's filled with moist, melt in the mouth potato cubes, and discernable chicken chunks (very few currypuffs have proper chunks of chicken) and a pieces of egg with crumbly yolk. The puff is not the flakey kind. Personally, I prefer the non-flakey pastry. I find that the flakey kind tends to taste very oily and it flakes all over the places so it's troublesome to eat. Sometimes, I find that the pastry part is a bit thick at the edges where it's sealed together, but if it's like that, I just break it off and not eat that part. Best of all, the filling isn't so spicy that I have to gulp lots of water, but it's still very tasty - at least there isn't too much chilli to mask all the spices used. I think that the paper bag's so funny - there's Chinese words on it! Even though it's from a Malay store? Ok I haven't been there before (my mum has been da-paoing the currypuffs for me), but the name sounds Malay right?
Selera Restaurant
15 Mackenzie Road (Opp former Rex Theatre)
Singapore 228677
Tel 63385687

Selera Cuppage Food Corner
#01-16 Cuppage Plaza (Facing Cuppage Rd)
Singapore 229467
Tel 62358770/62350520


ice said...

Have you tried the famous Fong's curry puff at Clementi Central FC? It's my favorite and it looks like this! Love the shortcrust pastry.

HisFoodBlog said...

It's supposedly a halal kopitiam. However, the auntie manning the stall is a Chinese, so is the uncle chopping the chicken at the chicken rice stall [My office is round the corner].

You should ask your mum to dapao the prawn fritters, or the goreng pisang next time - it's really good.

Anonymous said...

the shop is actually run by a chinese family (: and yes i agree the currypuffs are good!

*Harris said...

Haha, so cute, you actually covered this old/long-time place many parents (but few of their kids) would know.

It's a place run by Chinese people actually, at Selegie and Cuppage, a long-time family business. It's not exactly Rex though, because Rex is actually the name of a store next door.

In the "heyday" of this tiny Selegie stretch, there's "Cameron Restaurant", "Rex Restaurant" and "Selera Restaurant". I think Rex has since moved to Prinsep Street. Selera is like an old place, but I've ate there since a kid heh. Pretty good curry puffs indeed ;)

m said...

wow I didn't know that so many people were fans of selera currypuff:)
ice: Nope I havent - which celmenti central food center? Is it the one in the middle with the famous porridge? I'll go down and get my kuehtutu fix at the same time :D
hfb: ur so lucky ur office is round the corner - can eat it anytime a craving strikes! :P Alright I shall get her to dapao those :)
anon:hello! I didn't know it was chinese till now. It sure tastes real good!
harris: my mum's fave! I didn't know about it till she brought back a pack - and kept going back after that. Is the real rex currypuffs better than selera's? Maybe I should go and try the rex one to compare.
Thinking about the currypuffs makes me want to have one now!:(

*Harris said...

I have to add, there isn't a real "Rex currypuff", maybe it really is this one (Selera), just that it's a misnomer of sorts.

You probably won't like the A1 curry puff coz it's quite flaky, but I heard some "Tip Top" currypuffs at AMK Ave 6 are quite good, I couldn't find time to try them though. It was featured on TV. If you live nearby... -grin-

Alfie said...

Hello people, REX is the name of the theatre that used to be there? Not some restaurant name. The reason why people say Rex is because it is easier to remember. Just like Hoover Rojak at Whampoa used to be next to Hoover theatre on Balestier road.

m said...

harris: I'm gg to find the tiptop currypuff as soon as my friend living in the north comes back (cos I don't know where it is. And ice's currypuff from clementi looks real good too!

alfie: yes I think we know tt it's called rex cos of the old cinema.

Anonymous said...

just dropped by, and realized the building is under reno? anyone knows where the store moved to?