Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pizza Pazza - Anchorpoint

Rich kids, where did you have your lunch? We've been going to Pizza Pazza and samping the many different kinds of pasta. Though I haven't tried the pizza since it takes quite long to bake. Baked pasta is one of my more favourite pastas from Pizza Pazza. Actually, after sampling a pretty extensive variety of pastas (over the past 2 wks), I have decided that their penne is the best. Cos their normal spaghetti tends to be overcooked and soggy, and I really hate soggy pasta. The baked pasta costs $6.50 and comes with bacon, zucchini, mushrooms. The sauce is made from tomato and cream, the best of both worlds. I somehow think that the baking dries out the overcooked penne to a certain extent, so it's never too soggy like the normal spaghetti dishes. Best of all, it's penne so no worries about the unsightly splatters and tomato stains, especially when I'm wearing white. For people who don't eat bacon fats, there's really alot of bacon fats in this dish - I always end up with an unsightly pile of bacon fats at the side of my plate after eating this.
I can't remember the name of this, but it's Chicken something (which starts with Bu... and has a g somewhere inside it)
It's my 2nd favourite pasta from Pizza Pazza - it's diced chicken with lots of onions, some mushrooms and cream sauce. I like how the cream is neither watery nor extremely thick. Though I'm not a fan of adding chilli to my food, the red peppers really go quite well with this pasta.
Aglio Olio with chicken - this is not too bad, just that the spaghetti is overcooked. Slightly to extremely, depending on the chef. Though I've not eaten the whole dish myself, but koped a a few bites here and there. I like how there are lots of zucchini and mushroom (but not carrots since I don't like them), and there's quite a good amount of chicken inside.
Chicken Lasagne ($6.50? not too sure but it's either $6.50 or $5.50)
This dish is really gross - I recommend that you skip it. It's really not worth eating and I don't know why it's even on their specialities list. The white bubbley stuff aroud it is something that I assume is cream mixed with cheese, or maybe it's just baked cream or something. It tastes like custard (not sweet or savoury), and it v weird I don't know why they even put it around the lasagna cos it looks quite disgusting too.
Chicken chop with Spaghetti - the chicken chop is pretty good -the batter is tasty and the chicken is juicy. Though the spaghetti was really very soggy and wet. The tomato sauce itself is pretty good - tangy, slightly chunky and not too watery, but the noodles are a real letdown. It really doesn't do the spaghetti dishes here justice since the sauce is pretty good.
Spaghetti with deep fried dory fish.
The dory is pretty dry and hard. I think it's way overcooked. Plus it's not very fresh either (which explains why they have to serve it with a slice of lemon). They don't have the grilled dory with tomato sauce pasta, but they only have it with aglio oglio. I think fish taste much better grilled.
The drinks store at Koufu sells these wonderful looking kaya buns ($1 per bun) but I think they really look better than they taste. Decided to try them since I saw someone buying 4 buns at one go while I was queueing up for drinks.

The reviews on hgw are pretty bad - I think those people ate the soggy spaghetti! Go for the penne - it's not as soggy - though the done-ness does vary quite a bit. If you think in terms of food court pricing, I think that it's quite reasonable. The Koufu foodcourt that Pizza Pazza's in is really a rip-off I think there's some chicken noodles which cost $5! For that price, I'd rather eat pasta.
Other than Pizza Pazza in the basement foodcourt (Koufu), there's this other Thai/Vietnamese food place I want to try. But somehow, whenever I end up at Anchorpoint, Pizza Pazza's pasta will be calling out to me. The drinks stall here is a real rip-off - the canned drinks cost $1.50 each! Plus, if you sit too far in (which isn't really a choice during the crowded lunch hour) you'll end up reeking of food oils (yucks I hate the smell especially when it gets into my hair/clothes).

But seriously, don't trudge halfway across the island to eat this pasta cos you'll be dissppointed. Save your time and money on something nearer you (especially if you live in the east). This is the kind of food that you eat if you're nearby (ie at Queensway/Ikea).
The real price of these lunches - intractable post prandial stupor!

Pizza Pazza
370 Alexandra Road
Basement Anchorpoint (Koufu Food Court)
Tel: 6479 2774

They have a delivery service, with a min amount of $25, but then I'm not sure if it's restricted to certain areas only? I've yet to try the delivery service myself, but I suppose that pastas won't really taste nice when they're lukewarm.
I was just searching hgw, there's another outlet at Vivocity Kopitiam:) Though I've never tried it myself, since I avoid kpt like plague.


ice said...

Try the panna cotta! Heard it's good & it's only $3! :)

I love the soft kaya buns from Koufu too!

Jeraldine Toh said...

The fish and chips sucks.... 3 pieces of miserable fish added together is not anywhere near the size of my palm.... $7.50 is atrocious.

Service is lousy. I asked the guy whether the bottle contains tomato or chili sauce and he gave me an extremely rude "tomato".

I will never ever come back again.