Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yoshimaru - Ramen in Holland V

It's the end of my long weekend :) I spent lots of time catching up on my sleep! I've been so sleepy lately - on Wed, I slept nearly 12 hrs - lucky I decided to set my alarm clock or I'd have been late for school! But my eyebags aren't any smaller...Yoshimaru is this new ramen place (<2mths old) at Holland Village. I'm quite happy cos there's finally a ramen place near me! I've been trudging all the way to Liang Court, Central or Orchard Plaza for my ramen fixes.
A bowl of this Traditional Hakuta Ramen ($11++, $12.50 nett after taxes) comes with 2 pieces of stewed fatty pork, sliced mushroom (the black stuff), lots of spring onion/negi and pork broth. The pork broth isn't as rich as the one from Santouka/Miharu/Noodlehouse Ken and tastes rather thin to me. It's also quite salty and there's millions of tiny globules of oil floating on the surface (if you look closely only. it doesn't form a oil slick on top, probably cos they've been boiling the soup for so many hours it already formed a semi emulsion?)My stewed-half-boiled egg has twin yolks! Ok, that's beside the point for this picture. Yoshimaru's signature ramen is this Hakuta ramen, which comes with thin ramen noodles. In fact, all the other types of ramen at Yoshimaru use the normal dan dan (sp?I'm not too sure lol! I think it's supposed to be egg noodles??) noodles. The noodles actually remind me vaguely of a thinner version of la mian. I prefer the normal yellow coloured ramen noodles - I will definitely try their normal ramen noodles the next time.
Condiments for your ramen - Chilli oil, white vinegar, soya sauce, ginger, ??, chilli powder, pepper and sesame seeds. I don't usually put anything into my ramen cos I like to taste the broth in it's original state.
The ramen menu - pretty limited choice, like all ramen speciality stores. But then again, who would come to a ramen store to eat things other than ramen? The service here is pretty good, but maybe it's cos they're quite empty? I forsee myself coming back here to satisfy my ramen craving (cos it's really convenient), just not that often since I prefer Noodle House Ken, Santouka and Tampopo's ramen.

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput Holland Village
Tel: 6463 3132
(It's along the row with Subway)
Opening Hours:
Weekdays & Sun: 11am - 11pm
Fri-Sat & PH Eve: 11am - 1am

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yun said...

If you like ramen, wonder if you've tried Miharu's ramen. It's pretty good too, nice broth and all.