Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Entre Nous

Joined Julie for brunch at the creperie at Seah Street (directly opp Seah St Deli, Raffles Hotel). The crepes here appear browner and crispier because they use healthy buckwheat flour (the same stuff that they use to make soba, I suppose?) and are very thin (think thosai) compared to the other crepes that I've been eating. This is truely a low complex carbohydrate choice, good for the carbo-intolerant people out there.
Stephan's Favourite ($16.60)
This crepe is one of Entre Nous's best selling crepes, and comes with roast chicken, caramelized onions, and a salad. The roasted chicken pieces were very tasty and aromatic, they must have marinated the chicken bits before cooking. It also comes with a salad (not really a salad since it only has iceberg lettuce leaves) dressed with mustard and olive oil (just like the ones from Fren(s)h at Vivo). The caramelized onions were very sweet and delicious, and went very well with the roasted chicken.
Eggs and Emmental Crepe ($13.50)
The eggs in this crepe can be done in 2 ways, either sunny side up, or scrambled. The gooey cheese went pretty well with the crispy crepe and
Avocado, garlic and tomato crepe ($12)
This was my favourite crepe of the day, because I really like the creaminess of the mashed avocado, but also because it was infused with the mild taste of garlic. Lots of vitamin E from the avocado, good for my skin.
Salted Caramel Crepe ($8.90)
The salted caramel sauce was delicious, and I think that this would be perfect with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
Bottled sauce is available for about $15 per 100 g or something like tt. I think I shall attempt to make my own when I'm free-er. However, my attemtps have been aborted many times simply because I'm too lazy to go down to a more atas supermarket and get fleur de sel. According to the recipes I've found on the internet, normal table salt won't be as good as fleur de sel, so I'm not making any sauce till I've gotten the right ingredients.
All crepes have a 10% service charge. Our total bill was $56.10, which is pretty pricey.
The crepes here are pretty thin, and I was still hungry at the end of the meal, even though we had 4 crepes between the 3 of us. However, I believe that you're paying a premium for the special buckwheat flour. The ingredients in the crepes all tasted really good and they are pretty generous with the fillings.
Parking is very scarce around the area, especially if you're hoping to get a parallel lot (with coupon parking so you can cheat). I suggest that you park at Raffles city, and take a short stroll over, because after you're done with Entre Nous, you can go back to raffles city and hunt for more snacks.
Entre Nous
27 Seah Street
Tel: 6333 4671


ratatouille said...

do u mind sharing that salted caramel recipe? i have a can of fleur de sel that can be put into good use.

m said...

hello ratatouille, I havent made it myself, and I just randomly searched for salted caramel recipe sauces using google, but the ones that I've been eying are http://chocolatenews.org/2008/07/30/the-ultimate-salted-caramel-recipe/


also, there's 10 tips for making caramel here http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives/2008/01/ten_tips_for_ma_1.html

Hope your salted caramel sauce making is successful :D