Friday, June 19, 2009

Jalapeno's Pepper - Singapore Flyer

This is a very outdated post from May, just that I didn't have the time to blog about it till now. Went to Singapore Flyer to make use of the weekday student tickets ($10 nett for a ride), and we were attracted to Jalapenos cos of their 1 for 1 pasta and main course special. Of course, they had lots of terms and conditions, such as you have to order one pasta (which isn't even nice), having the free dish at an equal or lower price etc etc Being the price conscious people we were, we ordered 2 crayfish pastas (cos it'ss the most expensive pasta at ~$19) and ordered 2 other main courses which were also around the same price.
For $19++, the portion of crayfish was incredibly tiny - plus it wasn't as tastey as I had expected it to be. The pasta was slightly overcooked, and very oily.
Signature grilled Fajitas ($19.50++)
We got the Chicken and Beef Combo (the other choices are chicken, beef and mixed seafood). 3 soft and warm tortillas, guncamole, cheese, diced tomatoes, heaps of lettuce and sour cream. The meat was cooked with capsicums and onions (which were eventually a bit charred, cos we left them on the hot plate for too long).
The best dish that night was the Seafood Risotto ($~$19? can't remember the exact price), which exceeded my (low) expectations. It was the last dish to be served, and it was quite impressive. If I ever come back to Jalepenos, I'll definitely order this, or the seafood baked rice (which looks very cheesey and huge!). The risotto was done just right - with the rice being just cooked so that each grain had a nice bite to it. The sauce was creamy, with the slight taste of cheese, and it went very well with the seafood (prawns, scallops, squid, mussles, crayfish).
Thumbs up for the good service (the waiter suggested that since I don't eat beef, they could help us separate the beef and chicken from the hotplate) but not for the mediocre pasta and the not serving water. Well, I guess they have to earn the money from somewhere... I'll definitely be very distressed if I had to pay $19++ for that crayfish pasta.
Jalapeno's Pepper (Singapore Flyer)
30 Raffles Avenue
#02-01 Singapore Flyer
Tel: 6333 1017

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