Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vancouver/Alaska - Random Scenery and Food

1/2LB Alaskan King crab at Skagway. Eating alaskan crab was our number 1 pioritory on our must-do list in alaska. Well, the crabs are all legs, and I much prefer the softer, whiter and flakier meat from the body whenever I eat crabs. Alaskan crabs have very small bodies, which are discarded. Which I think is quite a waste. I'm pretty sure that theres lots of meat under the body.
Stuffed Halibut - it was very costly I think it was CAD $22 (SGD $33) for this and the fish wasn't very big. There was lots of rice though. And the halibut was stuffed with cheese and shrimp.
Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Brown bear in the wild, seen on the way up to Mendenhall GlacierAnother brown bear, seen at Icy Strait Point.
Humpback whale (tail) in Juneau
Another humpback whale in Juneau
1wk old baby beluga whale in Vancouver aquarium.
Inukshuk in Whistler - for the 2010 Olympic Games. Whistler's slopes are used as a mountain bicycle track during the summer. Vegeterian burger from some random cafe at Whistler. It has brown rice, chick peas and some grilled veggies in the patty.
Yukon Valley & White Pass
Edincott Glacier
I'll be posting on 1 more restaurant in Vancouver, and the food I ate on transit, then it'll be back to sgp food!

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