Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vancouver - Go Fish and Grandville Island Market

Go Fish is a very popular seafood shack in Vancouver. It's literally a container - and the que for lunch is total madness. I found out about this place from one of the visitor guides, which had a rave review on the place. We were there for lunch on Saturday - they open at 12noon (and not a second earlier) and even before they opened, there was a que of about 10 people. I thought that such mad queueing only existed in kiasu Singapore...I got their daily special seafood, which was salmon with teriyaki sauce on a bed of salad. Cod fish and chips. There's a choice of cod, salmon or halibut. I thought that the portions would be very large, but retrospectively, I should have ordered 2 pieces of fish. The fish was really very measley and I felt very cheated cos I queued so long for my miserable amount of food.
Go Fish overlooks a small dock - but it was very hot the day I went so I didn't enjoy sitting under the sun (it's al fresco and doesn't have a roof/shade).This dog's owners were queueing up infront of me and the poor dog was so hot it was panting and salivating all over the pavement. Random cakeshop in Grandville Island market. I didn't get any cakes, but I did get some almond butter (it's peanut butter made with almonds) and halva.

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