Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Lighthouse

Went for lunch at the newly opened Lighthouse at Fullerton with ice. I'm currently very out date cos I haven't been following any food related things. Anyway, I'm quite sad my electives are over - had so much fun doing them. I can't believe that I'm going to be in final year in 3 wks :( Hopefully I'll be able to maintain this blog. The foccacia rolls were served toasty hot and had a incredibly delicious aroma. They were extremely fluffy, and had lots of rosemary bits. The top part of the bread was sprinkled with rock salt, and was very crispy. It was served with individual portions of olive butter - I don't usually eat much butter with my bread, but the combination of the olive butter, slightly salty bread and the intense rosemary scent was indeed too great to resist, and I polished down 2.5 pieces of bread :O
Amuse bouche - Sicilian vegetable caponata crostini amuse bouche
The vegetables were cooked just right - they weren't mushy and still had a slight firmness. I liked the tangy tomato base - it reminds me of a tastier, less salty pizza.
Grilled polenta, fresh taleggio cheese, pickled radicchio “in carpione”
This dish isn't on the lunch menu, but the chef very kindly did it for us :) Triangles of polenta with soft, creamy taleggio cheese and the slightly sourish red cabbage.
Butternut squash tortelloni, light parmigiano cheese and thyme fondue, crispy pancetta
This was my favourite dish of the day. Perhaps it's because I like pumpkin very much. 5 precious pieces (it's $7 per piece!) of tortelloni stuffed with butternut pumpkin puree. It was a delicious balance between the extremely sweet butternut squash, the sharp parmigiano cheese sauce, and the smoky, salty panchetta.
The butternut squash stuffing was incredibly delicious - it was sweet and creamy. We shared this dish as a starter. I think I can easily eat a few portions of this - it's so delicious I'm getting very hungry thinking about it! Its the Lighthouse's signature dish - be sure not to miss this if you do go to the Lighthouse.Grilled pork cheek, pumpkin purée, green apple compote
The pork cheeks were prettily presented, with vibrant colours and a sprig of rosemary. They had a slight orangey-yellow hue - we were thinking that the marinade had tumeric. The pork cheeks are melt-in-the-mouth soft. Each pork cheek has a lightly brown layer of fat, and the meat is so soft. They are braised for 8 hours, before being grilled in the oven. The vegetable in this dish was kailan (under the pork cheeks), which was quite interesting since I was expecting a more westernized vegetable. I liked the tangy green apple compote - it went very well with the soft pork cheeks, and the pumpkin puree is a refreshing change from the usual mashed potato.
Grilled Cod fillet, crushed potatoes and shallot cake, cannellini beans purée
The cod was very fresh, flakey and it was served on a warmed plate. Again, I thought that the cannellini beans puree was a refreshing change from the usual mashed potato. Best of all, I'm sure that mashed beans are healthier than mashed potatoes - less carbo and much more protein. Reminds me of this episode of Nigella that I watched on AFC, where she was making mashed beans.
Traditional balsamic vinegar sautéed strawberries, lavender flower ice cream
I really liked this dessert - maybe it's because I like vinegar. For those people who don't like vinegar, the dish does have the sourish vinegar smell, but taste wise, it's more sweetish than sour, and the sauce is slightly buttery. I liked the bits of crumble sprinkled over the strawberries and ice cream gave the dish an added crunch. The home made lavender flower ice cream had light floral scents, and the ice cream was very creamy.
Homemade Sicilian cannoli, cassata ice cream
The only time I've eatne cannoli before was at Menotti (which has sadly closed down).
Cassata is another name for pistachio, and it was packed with pistachios. The pistachio flavour is quite intense - and it's like eating pistachio nuts without the chewing. The cannoli were stuffed with a creamy filling, with bits of chocolate and fruit.
Limoncello & strawberry liquor as an after meal digestivo
I really liked my strawberry liquor (even though ice says it tasted like fruit punch).
The service here is warm and friendly - which makes the dining experience even better. The whole restaurant is nice and bright, great cos then my photos look nice :) Also, the view of Marina bay, as well as the upcoming IR is beautiful. If only I could spend all my lunches slacking and relaxing, eating good food and enjoying the breathtaking view. Coming down from the Lighthouse after such a happifying lunch and descending back to reality is sadness indeed!
The Lighthouse
The Fullerton Hotel
Level 8
Tel: 6877 8933
Mon-Fri: 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm
Sat, Sun and Public holidays: 6.30pm-10.30pm

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