Friday, June 19, 2009

Vancouver - Joe Fortes (Dinner)

Excitingness! For the next few posts, I'm going to blogging about the food I ate on my holiday! And maybe some other random stuff that I saw. Joe Fortes is a pretty famous seafood restaurant in Vancouver - it's located near the Robson Street shopping area (where there's quite alot of shops, and it was very near my hotel). It's pretty crowded - fortunately we managed to get the second seating (8pm) on a Sunday evening. Bread basket - it comes with whipped butter Joe's Seafood Tower on Ice (One Tier - CAD$49.00)
Since Vancouver is located near the sea, I wanted to try as much seafood as possible. The seafood tower on ice has a wide variety of seafood - marinated mussels, cold pached shrimp, grilled and chilled calamari, marinated scallops (pity they were cooked!) albacore tuna tataki, manila clas, dungeness crab and local oysters.

The shrimp is very fresh - its texture is exactly like the Crystal Jade bicarbonated prawns, but it is very tasty. They even de-vein all the shrimps.
The albacore tuna tataki isn't like a tataki (seared at the side) at all. It's sashimi. Albacore tuna is also known as 'white fleshed tuna'. I didn't know this when I was eating it, so I was wondering how come the tuna looked like an albino tuna. We also had the 1 LB of Alaskan King Crab Legs with butter (CAD$54.96) which was served with jasmine rice and steamed asparagus. Since we were sharing, our waiter helped us separate crab into 2 portions.
The crab legs are really meaty, and they don't serve the tips of the legs (unlike this other restaurant I went to in Skagway). The meat is really very sweet and it tastes wonderful on it's own, even without the butter.
I liked the way they prepared the crab - they slice the shell open, so you don't have to do much work to remove the flesh. Also, they give warm towels to you after you finish attacking the crab.
We liked the restaurant so much that we returned the next day for lunch (which is very value for money)!

The dress code is smart casual, and they have live music on weekends. The service is very good - unpretentious, brisk and efficient. Our waiter Michael told us what what we ordered was more than enough for 2 people, and recommended us not to order any appetisers. Of course, he was right and we were stuffed after the meal. Extra points cos they also serve iced water.
Joe Fortes
777 Thurlow Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3V5,
(604) 669-1940‎

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