Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vancouver - Japadog

Half a normal hotdog from a random hotdog stand along Robson street. Hotdog from Japadog - with Japanese toppings - including bonito flakes, seaweed, teriyaki sauce and japanese mayonnaise. Actually, the first time I saw the hotdog stand I just walked right past it cos the que was so long and I was very tired so I refused to que. The next day, I was reading this newspaper which had a full page articl on the Japa dog, with a huge picture of the hotdog stand. Just as well, cos I'd have missed eating a Kurobuta pork hotdog.
Its supposedly kurobuta pork, but after being processed and salted, even if it were normal pork I won't know. It's extremely juicy and oily, and very salty. I tried the kurobuta teri mayo and the kurobuta oknomi. There's a slight difference in the ingredients - the okonomi has cabbage and the terimayo has seaweed, but basically, it's the same toppings: teriyaki sauce, bonito flakes and lots of jap mayo.
Their rather extensive menu - one of their angmoh customer actually stopped the guy from squeezing Japanese mayo onto the hotdog until they explained what it was! He was looking very suspiciously at the mayo bottle too! Lol! Jap mayo makes everything taste nice. They're pretty efficient -one guy cooks, one takes orders, and the last one puts all the sauces on. Their poster of famous people who have eaten their hotdogs - including Anthony Bourdain.
Actually, Im not even sure if they serve this kind of hotdog in Japan? Oh well, the people in Vancouver seem to like it - there's also quite a high proportion of Asians in the que. A kurobuta pork hot dog costs CAD$6.25, which roughly translates to slightly less than SGD$9 o_O SGD$18 for my hotdogs - I think it's worth the experience but I don't think I'm going back to eat alot more.
Their website - with a map on how to find them:

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ice said...

I watched the episode where Bourdain ate the Japadog. Looks good!