Saturday, October 16, 2010

District 10 Bistro

District 10 bistro has been opened for quite some time now and I've been wanting to try it for a really long tim - I am very sad I only discovered it after I was posted to the far east and not when I was a stones throw away from it for 4 months! The lighting is rather dim even my S90 couldn't save the photos (so they are edited+++) We had some platter thing (not so sure what this was called but it costs around $28 bucks? or was it $18) which had 3 pieces of everything including duck spring rolls (not particularly yummy or memorable), fried fish (just like fish and chips), fried prawn etc... Ordered this cos we were hungry and were waiting for the rest of the group to come...
The soft shell crab chilli pizza was pretty interesting, though I wasn't crazy over it. Deep fried soft shell crab with a mildly spicy chilli sauce and rocket leaves over a thin crust pizza.
My fave dish of the day (didn't go there with Julie but we ordered the same thing!) was the special Florentine Truffle Pizza (it's not on the menu!) which came with 8 blobs of oily truffle paste. The black goodness went supremely well with the cheese and the al dente pasta. Though the egg in the middle was overcooked and hard, I'm willing to close one eye on this cos the truffle made the pizza taste so lovely. It's a white base pizza so no tomato sauce here!
I think this was a prawn tagliatelle but it wasn't my dish. The sauce was really good - very robust, tasty and tangy - I would definitely order this and the truffle pizza the next time I'm down.
Dessert platter with 4 different types of chocolate dessert (I think it was either $12 or $14 bucks). The chocolate mousse (2nd from the front) is uber delicious - can totally taste all the egg and chocolate and cream they used to make it! Other than that, the profiterole was very unremarkable, and so was the ice cream and brownie...
Overall, district 10 bistro has great ambiance and is a really nice place to chill. Too bad I didn't discover this sooner!! Carpark's not a problem either - $2 per entry or just park along the road (after 7pm cos it's a single yellow line - I think).
District 10 Bistro
10 Winstedt Road (it's the turn after the petrol station on your way toward Newton Circus)
Tel: +65 6738 4788

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The soft shall crab pizza looks good. isit exp?