Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Insatiable Beard Papa Chocolate Eclair Craving

I've never blogged abt this before but I must now cos I've been having this incredibly mad Beard Papa chocolate eclair craving for the whole freaking week and haven't gotten it out of my system since I haven't had the time to go down to Beard Papa to settle my craving...

The Beard Papa chocolate eclair is probably the next best eclair (which is convenient and extremely affordable) in my food inventory.

I love the thick layer of chocolate which melts instantly in my mouth (and even when I hold the eclair the wrong way). It's a bit like the nice chocolate coating that Magnum ice cream has, but just thicker and melts more easily and tastes better.

And then there's the delicious puff - of course nothing like the wonder of Sadaharu Aoki's eclairs but the puff part of the eclair is just the right texture. It's nice and soft but not wimpy and soggy- and it's just the right balance of firmness to hold in the moist filling.

And the innards just complete the whole lovely eclair. Instead of the usual traditional whipped cream, it's luscious chocolate custard - same texture as the Beard Papa Cream Puffs vanilla custard filling, but it's in chocolate. And not those dark and bitter or overly sweet kind of chocolate - it's just right and goes exactly well with the puff and the outer chocolate layer.

I think this has to be one of the most underrated desserts around! and it's super affordable too I think it's merely $2 or $2.50 for such a divine eclair. I think I could eat 5 of these at one go but the most I've ever eaten is one ;p

The last time I had a mad eclair craving I tried to settle it with an eclair from Polar (which is very extremely convenient for me since there's one at my work place) but it was Dry and Hard and really didn't settle my craving at all. Tragic.

I probably have a shot of the eclair stowed somewhere in my computer but I think once I see a picture of it my craving will be unbearable ++. Hopefully I can scuttle down to Vivo/PS/Bugis soon to get my eclair. I think I will get Two if I do go down. Just to ensure that my Beard Papa Chocolate Eclair Craving doesn't come back so soon...

I have been talking about it so much that now everyone I've spoken to wants to try it and I am making myself really hungry thinking about it.

I'll put a photo of the Eclair up once I'm done eating it...

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