Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gong cha

I've recently been very addicted to bubble tea but gong cha is taking my love for bubbletea to a new level. I've taken liking to gui lin gao (herbal jelly) after going to hong kong this year and gong cha has this super fantastic drink which combines fresh milk and their own special herbal jelly with full cream fresh milk(if I am not wrong it's Meiji milk). Theres at least half a cup of their special herbal jelly in each cup of their drink and the jelly cones in pretty large pieces and is so soft it's easily sucked up using the big bubble tea straw. The jelly is very black and very smooth and tastes like a much less bitter and sweetened version of gui lin gao. Of course, being me, I'm very wary and paranoid of getting heavy metal poisoning whenever I take all these herb related thugs but the jelly from gong cha is very delicious. My fave herbal jelly drink comes in milk tea and Earl grey tea versions but I like how the creamy fresh milk goes with the jelly. Who would have thought that the combi of fresh milk and herbal jelly would have gone so well together? Perhaps I'll make my 3rd detour down to gong cha tmr after work to reward myself for working >1mth without a single day off...

Gong cha
Square 2
City square mall
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Happy said...

ermm i saw sharetea is coming to spore,wisma,good menu i love it, tried in taiwan... you can try