Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tatsuya Sushi Omakase

Sianz I am having major sushi craving especially for another lovely platter of sushi omakase from Tatsuya [which I cannot afford at this point cos I just spent ALOT of money changing my wheels and tyres! But looking at my new tyres (which have little 'hairs' on them cos they are very very new and smelling the fresh rubber makes me v happy every morning before I go to work!! I think it nearly makes me as happy as when I drink my gong cha on the way to work!)]
I think sushi omakase is best eaten at the sushi counter, but since it was a family dinner, we sat on a table for 4. Makes the sushi omakase half as exciting, but the sushi was awsome.
There's sushi with caviar, sushi with goose liver :D, otoro (fatty tuna belly - the best part of the tuna!), aburi (flame grilled) salmon belly, anago (sea eel), cockle (which is so freaking fresh not like those dirty little cockles we get in char kway teow, and nearly as fresh as the cockles I had in Hokkaido!). Gave away my prawn cos I will most definitely get an allergy reaction (mega saddenning raw prawns are so lovely but if I eat it I will most surely not be able to taste anything else!) and a lovely raw tako (octopus) which is fantastic compared to the horrendous rubber tasting cooked ones we usually get.

Sigh need to satisfy my sashimi/sushi/raw food craving soon!! I want to eat more raw octopus, cockles and tuna! And I wanna eat fresh oysters in ponzu sauce... I think I am just hungry and I should go and sleep before I get more wrinkles and turn into an old hag...

Btw, my dining experience at Tatsuya was somewhat marred by this irritating snobbish waitress when I have more time I shall blog about the Kaiseki and her annoying substandard service. But for now, before I sleep I shall think happy sushi thoughts...

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