Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok)

Had lunch at Nakhon Thai (which is so far east I won't go there if I'm not nearby.

It's cheap pretty traditional Thai fare. Each dish is less than $10 and theres no service charge. The portions aren't big but for the price and the taste it's well worth the money. They even serve free plain water.

The thai fish cakes ($6 for 4) are nice and fluffy and are prettily presented. The green curry has the fragrant curry leaf smell and it's thick and has lots of coconut cream/milk. They also have the little pea sized eggplants (supposed to be v good for lowering cholesterol according to some sources but don't quote me on this).

The phad Thai is pretty good too at $6 a plate though there were only 2 small prawns in it. At least they were reasonably fresh.

Dessert was mango sticky rice ($4) I liked the creamy coconut sauce. Unlike some Thai places which add too much sugar and water to the coconut cream and thus ending up with a syrupy overly sweetened coconut sauce. Mango was not that sweet but then again it's not in season. The glutinous rice was warm and chewy and tasted like a sweet version of lor mai kai.

Overall it's a nice place though it's better to visit it on a cool day cos it's al fresco. Other similar Thai places I'd recommend are Joe's Thai kitchen near Alexander village and yum yin Thai at sunset way.

Blk 136 Bedok north avenue 3

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