Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itacho sushi - scallops &dorsal fins

I'm totally craving for more jap food even though I just ate at Itacho sushi this weekend. The flame grilled dorsal fin is definitely one my faves. And I am missing how the sweet fat fresh and juicy scallop slides down my gullet. Of course being the greedy person I am I chose the jumbo scallop ($3.70) which is always more satisfying. The salmon sushi is rather unremarkable but I really like the grilled salmon which I had the last time ( it was sadly sold out when I went on Sunday)

I'm also missing how the ridiculously long eel looks perched on top of a normal pieces of sushi rice though I'm not too crazy over how sweet it tastes.
Lol I think I am v hungry but the though of food from my 'favorite' canteen just makes me. Un-hungry again...I'm missing the marmalade pantry sticky date pudding too I think can eat it every week and not get sick of it!!
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andyk+ceo said...

Just realised that we have checked out Itacho Sushi - http://ShareFavEatsAlways.blogspot.com !