Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cakes from Paris Baguette

 I've read so much about Paris Baguette online - so one weekend afternoon, when Marmalade Pantry's queue was so ridiculously long and we were hankering for some good dessert, we walked over to Wisma Atria to try some cakes from Paris Baguette.

The cafe/restaurant is really more like a food court style kind of place - theres no queue system for the tables - basically you just stand around watching other people eat and once they leave, you rush in to chope your table. We were standing there for some time trying to figure this out and then we realized that everyone was just rushing and sitting down once any of the tables were vacated.

So once you've secured your seat, you can queue at any 2 of the counters - one side has all the breads and bakery offerings (which were were too full to try) and the other has a sandwich stand and you can also order your cakes from there. The whole thing is pretty chaotic and there's so many people loitering around and blocking the displays that I got pretty confused at first and spent a load of time standing near the cakes section before realizing how the ordering system worked.

Anyway, once you've figured everything out, just queue and order your stuff, pay upfront and go back to your table with a number/carry the food back to your table. I dunno how you are going to do this if you're eating by yourself tho - so I personally think that if you're coming here, bring a dining companion to chope a seat ;p
 The 'Oh My Baby Crepe' ($7) - the name makes the cake sound so unappetizing instantly. I suppose their target consumers are females... The good news is that the cake tastes better than its name - it's like those mille crepe cakes from Classic Cakes in Sunset way but studded with strawberries. I think the pricing is about the same. I quite like this cake - peeling away each layer is very entertaining but I think taking a full bite of this cake is a bit too much and the cake texture reminds me of a 'kueh'.

The 'Wow Mango Pie' (or something like that, can't remember the name...) which costs about $8 or $8.50. I didn't quite like this cake cos of the base - it's base is millie feuille pastry (which I don't like) and there's alot of whipped cream inside (which I also don't like). There were some unripe mangoes hidden in the heap of mangoes inside - it's really unpleasant biting into a sour mango >.< I think I'll stick to the other strawberry cakes that they have.

I suppose that the pricing here is pretty steep especially for the drinks. But I think the cakes are pretty alright though I don't think I'll be back anytime soon. Marmalade Pantry's Sticky Date pudding and lemon tart for me anyday!

Paris Baguette Singapore
435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria
Tel: 68362010

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