Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was dying to eat a good lamb burger - and prior to this I had gone to the Handburger for their lamb burger to satisfy my craving. However, their lamb burger (though really very affordable) didn't adequately satisfy my lamb burger craving. 

&made is opened by a 3 star Michelin chef Bruno Menard but it's pitched for a much more casual and affordable level of dining. Just as well that someone recommended me this place or I'd have totally not known of its existence. 
Smoked salmon salad ($19++)
We ordered this while waiting for the Fish to trudge down from the far north - I really liked this salad cos the dressing was yogurt (my fave) and cucumber and herb sauce and the onions and radishes were chilled, thinly sliced and extremely crispy. It looks really simple to recreate at home - perhaps I should try when I'm free!

I've started to notice that every since I've started working, I look at food in a different way - and see if I can recreate it at home at a lower price, and if I can, that dish is not worth eating out - I wonder if other people think the same way?
 Toastoo ($16)
It's their 'new generation sandwich' - buckwheat crepes with assorted fillings.
Was feeling hungrily adventurous so we decided to try the Chili crab. Somehow the chili crab and perhaps cream and cheese combination didn't work. The filling was too pasty and sticky for our liking and I think I'll stick to my original old chili crab.
However, their other crepes sound really tasty - such as the Viking ($17) which has smoked salmon, cream cheese, curry and broccoli or their Greek ($15) which has feta cheese, black olives, smoked cheddar and sundried tomatoes.
 And finally, my much awaited lamb burger! It's very appropriately named "The Lamb"($25). It's a nice fat juicy patty - still pink on the inside.

I didn't quite like the sauce which was an interesting combination of raisins and onion jam - found it a bit too sweet for my liking but the lamb was so good.

The toasted sesame bun is light and fluffy and of an appropriate thickness and sturdiness - not soggy nor disintegrating nor overly hard such that my jaw gets tired from chewing (even though my masseters are extremely well trained - probably the strongest muscle in my body).

Of course, being a synthetic truffle oil lover, I upgraded my fries (+$3) to truffle fries, where there was a more than generous lashing of truffle oil (happiness!). Strongly advise everyone to upgrade the fries - its worth it!

The fries come with their very special &made tomato sauce which is more like a chutney/chunky paste and salsa. But in my inexpert opinion - the truffle fries are best eaten alone so that the truffle smell can be savored. (I'm just thinking that they will go exceedingly well with truffle mayo - extra luxurious! Making myself hungry again...) My arteries are all clogged now...

 The Three Little Pigs ($23)
Bacon, pork filet and chorizo patty - this is the star of the dinner and so far the other reviews I've read have all given their stamp of approval for this burger. I didn't order this because being the fussy eater I hesitated because of the yuzu mayonnaise (not sure if they'll change it if you ask?). I did steal a bit of the pork filet which was very juicy and tender. Perhaps I shall eat this the next time I drop by.

The "B" Burger ($18) is their signature beef burger - but of course, I didn't try it cos I'm scared of prions.

The dessert menu here somehow didn't agree with me or my dining companions - one of us didn't like caramel, I don't take citrus (unless it's lemon tart) and so we adjourned to the Canele at Shaw (which was a letdown cos they now do not have my favourite L'amour rose petal and raspberry swirls ice cream - how tragic!)

They also have this very interesting concept of Salads to drink ($9 each) which come in 3 different colours/flavours
Red is a tomato gazpacho, green has green peas, mint and wasabi and yello has carrot, orange and ginger.

Obviously I wasn't brave enough to try any - I hate peas, orange and I'm not a big fan of tomato. If anyone has tried this let me know!

The decor here reminds me of the old school American diner - think Billy Bombers but a slightly more upmarket version. Service is friendly, efficient and warm - would definitely return for more!

Omg I just read this article about &made online - he sounds mega OCD about his food - not that I'm complaining but lucky I didn't ask for the 3 little pigs burger without the yuzu mayo! lol!

&made by Bruno Menard
#01-04 Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road
Singapore 228210
Opens from 8am to 10pm daiy


ice said...

Tried the Yellow Salads to drink. Didn't like it.

trixi said...

i tried the 3 little pigs burger. the yuzu mayo wasn't very prominent in the burger at all. i barely tasted any mayo (much less any hint of yuzu in it!), so i don't think you need to worry much about it if you ever do try this burger one day ;)

Bern said...

Yes, truffle oil shd be on everything! I now can't eat fries without truffle oil. Or truffle salt. Heck, truffle anything is alright in my book!