Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kazu Sumiyaki

Best thing about call is the post call - so it's 320pm and I'm bathed and preparing myself for my uber long sleep. 6 more days left! Immensely happifying! Plus I had one of my favourite post call foods - the crabmeat scallop vermicelli from Old Hong Kong - it's extremely delicious and I'd rate this as the second best ever post call food (other than my favourite pu tien soup) and highly recommend everyone to go and try

Tried Kazu as per M Foo's recommendation - definitely will be back again! Despite the pretty steep pricetag!
The chilled crisp cabbage appetiser served with red miso sauce was highly addictive - I wonder if I can buy the normal cabbage from the supermarket and make this?? It was so delicious we ordered an extra serving ($4)
 Garlic Fried Rice ($6) - the portion is pretty small for 6 bucks and it wasn't as garlicky as I liked. I much prefer Megumi's garlic fried rice which has a whole load more garlic (garlic breath alert). This one was really attenuated and not very tasty - plus I disliked the interfering ginger bits.
 And onto the yakitori! The foie gras yakitori ($6.50) is to die for! I would have totally ordered another stick of this intensely rich and creamy foie gras which was grilled to perfection - crispy exterior and a melt in the mouth interior - it's a wonder that it doesn't just fall off the stick. Next time I come here I'm going to make sure that I'll order one whole stick to myself - my LDL is going to be so high and my liver will be as fatty as the foie gras :c

I think the thing at the back was pork belly with enoki mushrooms - I'm not a big fan of animal fats (unless its foie gras) but it was not bad considering I don't like pork belly.
 One of their specials - the yakitori oknonomiyaki ball - it reminds me of a takopachi and inside has lots of chives and was a bit floury - I think I'll stick to my good old tako pachi (my fave brand of takoyaki) - though dressed up with yakitori sauce and mayo it was reasonably good.
The chicken meatball - not bad and pretty affordable at about $2 (if I'm not wrong)
The online reviews I read highly recommended  the grilled pork and apple (tontorio ringo - $4) - I imagined that it would taste great as pork with green apple is always a winning combination. I liked the apple bits but didn't like how fatty the meat was - its chunks of fat and I really don't like pork fats. I think I would appreciate a lean version of this much more.
 This was a wrong order >.< I thought the woman meant the grilled cod but it was actually the cod testes (or sperm, which I think is a wrong term). Just to say - I much prefer the version at Matsuo - though I haven't eaten this for really really long.
 The scallop, mushroom and cheese - fresh and succulent transluecnt scallops mixed with mushroom and cheese - though I do think the price for this dish is pretty steep at $18.
Jidori chicken sashimi ($8)
Spotted this on the menu and knew I had to try it. Jidori chicken is likened to wagyu beef. A Jidori chicken is a fortunate chicken which is reared organically and under very clean conditions and hence can be eaten as sashimi. Obviously there's still a risk of salmonella and campylobacter infections but I suppose since I'm not immunocompromised it's fine. 
The chicken is seared on the outside, but is still cold inside. 
It just tastes like under done chicken and it wasn't particularly delicious but not repulsive either. I didn't like the first bite I had of this dish cos there was lots of chicken fat (which I also do not eat) but once I removed the chicken fats I found the dish much more agreeable. 
For the beef eaters - wagyu beef with enoki mushrooms ($5) - didn't eat this so no comment.
Chicken heart ($2) - I thought this was pretty worth eating cos it s$2 for 6 chicken hearts! Plus the heart has a different taste and texture from usual chicken meat.
The pork jaw ($4) was a bit too fatty for my liking but has a very interesting and juicy texture - though I much prefer the Santouka ramen braised pork cheek.
The Lamb Yaki ($12) for ONE piece. It's really steep but oh so delicious - I love my meat slightly rare (especially missing those slightly bloody steaks cos I don't eat beef) and it has a very subtle lamb smell. Though for $12 I'm not going to get it again.
On the other hand, the roasted sweet potato (Imo, $10) was so good - if you want to order this you should inform your server STAT - because it takes a whole hour for them to slowly roast this - the sweet potato flesh is crumbly and starchy and I think it's great on its own - though they provide butter on the side.

The must eat list from Kazu:
Foie gras yakitori (must must must!)
Sweet potato (worth the 1hr wait)
Lamb (if you have the $$ and like your lamb pink)

I would still like to try the
sweet corn - apparently it's honey sweet!
grilled cod - flakey and oily

My only grouse is that the prices here can be pretty steep and ordering a few of the 'expensive' items on the menu can burn a hole in your pocket. I was really thankful that my server didn't get annoyed when we kept asking how much each item was. We paid about $120 nett for 2 people for the meal.

I've read quite a few reviews on their lousy service - but I didn't feel that this was the case when I visit - they were pretty attentive but perhaps I went for the first seating (from 6-830pm). The setup reminds me of Nanbantei - slightly cramped and narrow and you can definitely hear your neighbor's conversation. I really should go to Nanbantei soon and grab myself some of that value for money set lunch! Haven't visited them for really long!

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant
5 Koek Road #04-05 Cuppage Plaza S 228796
Tel 67342492

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