Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Happiness is a yummy breakfast in my tummy. Better if it's if I'm on leave (sadly I'm not) and Kitchenette was an absolute gem - they open at the unearthly hour of 830 am (acc to Hungrygowhere) - when we were there at about 930-10 they already had 3 other tables occupied. The above breakfast set only costs $15 and comes with a coffee or tea - juicy mushrooms, 2 eggs any style (poached/scrambled/sunny side up), freshly fried bacon, sausage, some beef thing (top left hand corner), the usual baked beans and roasted new potatoes. Pretty good deal!
 This was my breakfast - eggs benedict with lovely rich and creamy Hollandaise sauce - I really liked the ham they used - not your usual run of the mill ham but much tastier. Perhaps I was really hungry? It's not muffins but some grainy bread. The eggs benedict set comes with either salad or a vegetable roux (which was some mixed vegetable thing with pumpkin when I was there) and it was nice and thick and cremy. The above set for $11.50 only. No taxes or service charge :D I'm definitely coming back - aiming to when I'm post call!
Of course, being my greedy self - when I saw the chocolate croissant I was instantly tempted to buy it because of all the happy memories the Tiong Baru Bakery chocolate croissant gave me. It's not as good as TBB tho! ($2.50)

We were served by a very cheerful waitress who was very patient and efficient. I liked that they provided glass bottles of cold water for each table. They also serve lunch and have an extensive wine menu and lots of dainty looking desserts (which I shall try another day).

Kitchenette (Novena)
51 Goldhill Plaza
#01-01 Goldhill Plaza
Tel 63527484

I have a short rant - I don't know why other people have so much trouble pronouncing my middle name - it's not even hard to pronounce, not an uncommon unheard of name but yet my name gets bastardized on a regular basis - and worse of all, I have TWO names (obviously the first being Michelle which is dead easy to pronounce) and yet a certain annoying group of irritating people simply insist on using my middle name even though they can't pronounce it. Lets' just say for example, in the Life of Pi (since I just read the life! reviews on it and want to watch it just to see Richard Parker) - if you see the name Piscine Molitor Patel which is a not very common name - I suppose that I would greet the person using the name that seems the easiest to pronounce (in this case Patel since the other 2 are weird) if I'm not sure how to pronounce the rest, or at least clarify the pronunciation first - is that not common sense???? I've just had a discussion with someone about this and we have concluded that maybe this select group think that they're being very smart-ass about it and want to do something challenging for the day?? Or perhaps they just want you to tell them how to pronounce?? Idk!! Ok end of rant!!!!! 

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