Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nassim Hill Bakery

Nassim Hill Bakery is located at the old Tanglin post office. It looked pretty full when we got there at about 1030am. Was told by my colleague that this place wasn't very good but I was just dying to try new breakfast places so for convenience sake, came here cos it's pretty nearby.

We reached at about 1040am and settled on one sandwich and one breakfast dish for variety. The server said that they don't serve sandwiches until after 11am, but after we told him to put in our order at 11am he finally obliged... 20min away - is it that hard to just put in an order later? 

The Hearty Breakfast ($19++) was really very simple and it felt like I could replicate this easily at home. The ham wasn't the run of the mill honey baked ham but some more atas  prosciutto The scrambled eggs weren't creamy but rather, it was clumpy and a bit watery. 
One of the specialities here is the breads - which come from Freshly Baked in Killiney Road. They didn't disappoint though the bread basket came only when we were about the finish the eggs. Boo to the service.

Service here has much room for improvement. Lots of servers lurking but no one really being attentive and they would have forgotten about my bread if I didn't remind them.

Needless to say, after the lacklustre scrambled eggs we decided to retreat and save the LDL quota for something else...

Nassim Hill Bakery
56 Tanglin Road
#01-03 Tanglin Post Office

Yayness I'm finally done with my last posting where substandard care is accepted, no one bothers or cares - I've had to close 2 eyes and 2 ears just to get through and chant the new mantra of 'don't try so hard, don't care so much' a few times every day!! I'm really glad to have gotten these 7.5 months especially the last 3 outta the way :D

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Bern said...

I've been wanting to try this place but will abstain and stick to WH since the eggs here aren't great