Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So the Nazi chef has moved again - from Wasabi Tei -> Chikuwa Tei -> Mitsuba
Went for lunch at Mitsuba on a rainy Sunday afternoon - the whole shopping mall was quiet and the restaurant had 2 other tables apart from us. Perfect cos we were seated by the window and could enjoy the view of the muddy Singapore River (it's usually grey but it was muddy cos it was raining).

The appetizer was pretty good - some stewed vegetables and fishcake - and it's quite a generous amount too.
The pickles came together with the miso soup and the dessert (black sesaeme and green tea mochi - filled with cream).
One of the lunch sets
The equivalent of the chirashi don ($28++) - I didn't quite like the rice cos there wasn't enough vinegar? There's 4 grades of chirashi dons - with an increasing price range - the difference is the addition of premium cuts of sushi such as otoro (tuna belly). I did the math and figured I was better off coming back for x2 of chirashi don than one expensive set ;P
Close up of the sashimi - nice thick slabs of sashimi - salmon, salmon belly, swordfish, hamachi, white tuna, scallop, egg and sea urchin (which wasn't that fresh). Its as thick as I remembered it to be at the previous 2 restaurants.
The famed chawanmushi - delicious as usual - wasn't disappointed! ($5)

Somehow I was so incredibly stuffed after this meal - couldn't even finish the rice. And by 3rd last piece of sashimi I was feeling very full already - diminishing returns +++!

Frankly, I  think that Central Clarke Quay is in want of more tenants and human traffic - the mall is extremely quiet (on Sunday) - though I can't say for weekdays - perhaps it's more busy? When we were walking out of the restaurant Chef Peter gave us a smile and a wave! It's like the white witch from Narina smiling (even though he seems really happy - he used to be so grumpy at Wasabi Tei and that impression of him stuck).

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-88 The Central
Singaproe 059817

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Mel said...

i've been there... nice ambience, friendly service and yummy food! :) thanks for the share!