Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carpenter and Cook

Merry Christmas everyone! I've been gorging myself this festive season, and trying to clear up the backlog of posts. 
Finally tried Carpenter and Cook - despite it being so near my house I seem to be the last person to try it... Was bemoaning the absence of good dessert/teatime places in the area sometime last year when Udders seemed to be the only dessert place around.

A pictorial for Carpenter and Cook - lots of freshly baked goodies - costs a pretty penny but oh so good! And tweedle dum and tweedle dee are there to greet you at the entrance.
So many choices - but so little tummy space - makes it a real dilemma for me!
Buttery croissants - no chocolate croissants so I didn't try this but acc to my friends its good!
Lemon tart
Bundt cake with lavender - not my favourite cake (even though I was the one who chose this - good things are made for sharing ^-^) cos I found it a bit hard and dry, not sure if all bundt cakes are meant to be like this?
Our four tarts/cakes - the salted caramel chocolate tart (I don't particularly like chocolate, or caramel, so I wasn't crazy over this but its supposed to be one of their famous tarts), passionfruit meringue tart (hot favourite), lemon tart (zesty, tangy lemon curd), and my not very nice bundt cake.
2 of my favourite tarts
Good food is meant for sharing, and sharing means we get to try more - the frangipane tart with berries. Frangipane isn't the flowering tree that's found by the road side - it's a layer of almond filling in the tart.
Ham and cheese brioche - if it were any cheaper, I'd have taken away many of these to warm up in the mornings. Cottony soft buttery brioche with a piece of spiced ham and cheese rolled inside. It's ridiculously addictive - ask them to warm it up for you. (Btw I love the dark brown greaseproof paper - I don't want to know the amount of oils I'm ingesting - unlike TBB's chocolate croissant which makes the paper bag an oil slick).
Hot chocolate - because I don't drink coffee but wanted something warm to go with my brioche.
Tried an assortment of teas - I like the pomegranate one the best (can't remember what the exact name is) - very sweet smelling and fragrant.

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat
Tel 64633648

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