Sunday, December 9, 2012


Lola accepts no reservations - either plonk yourself onto one of the uncomfortable bar stools early (meaning about 6pm) to watch the team's culinary skills or be relegated to the communal table downstairs.
Tried one of their specials that day - French chestnuts and brussel sprouts with parmegiano cheese. It's a simple and well executed dish with the sweet, crumbly chestnuts, slight bitterness of the brussel sprouts and the sharp saltiness of the cheese. 
Beetroot salad ($15) - I like the tangy dressing which went really well with the chilled beetroot. It makes a really good appetizer.

 The famous sea urchin pudding ($19) - Lola's signature dish which is a small bowl of squid ink custard topped with a generous scoop of sea urchin on top. If you close your eyes and take a spoon full of the custard and let it melt on your tongue - you'll realize that it tastes vaguely familiar. The secret ingredient - something red which comes from a can. It's really rich and I felt really full after this despite not eating very much.
Lamb short ribs ($19) - perfectly grilled, soft and fall off the bone. It still has the nice gamey lamb smell  (which I love and which is why I like lamb so much).
Toasted baguette and Echire butter - it's touted by some as the 'best butter in the world' - I'm no connoisseur and I thought that if you made me sit through a double blinded randomized trial I may just have mistaken a Lurpak or SCS butter for this >.<
The beef tongue - which I didn't try since I don't eat beef but it was slurped up in a matter of minutes...
Dessert - warm chocolate pudding with smoked chocolate ice cream from Creamier (located in Toa Payoh). The smoked chocolate ice cream stole the show - and since then I have tried the sea salt gula melaka and earl grey lavender ice cream from Creamier. I must really make my way down to Creamier one day to try their ice creams! 
The food here is pretty rich (lots of cream/butter) - and meant for people with deep pockets - the meal above without alcohol costs about $170 though I do admit it was a great experience - haven't been so excited about a meal for a longggggg time.

22 Ann Siang Road

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