Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brunos - Finally!

Brunos has been on my restaurant wish list for eternity, because it's in the East and I have great inertia to drag myself over there. I first read about Brunos on atetoomuch's blog - and I've been wanting to go there for a long long time. When the opportunity arose (meeting my friend who is an eastie) I rushed to secure a booking at Brunos. They have 2 seatings - from 6-8 and 8 till closing. 
One of the daily specials - mussels in white wine sauce. (If I'm not wrong this was about $28?) - it's a massive heap of steaming mussles, all tender, plump and juicy.
 Eggplant parmigiana - came to the table steaming hot - was really good - the tomato sauce was not too salty, just right, lots of molten cheese, and soft flavourful eggplant (which has been soaking up all the tasty goodness). It goes really well with the restaurant bread - dip some in the tomato and cheese sauce. Yum!
The King prawn pasta with lobster cream sauce ($24.50++) comes with 3 juicy big prawns, linguine and creamy crustacean infused sauce. The lobster sauce was tasty and rich with the sweetness that crustaceans give out - linguine done al dente, king prawns fresh and juicy. I wonder if they do a pure lobster version?

I still prefer Valentio's lobster liguine with pink sauce (trust me, it's to die for - my all time favourite, worthy for dragging my DSLR out) because of the cleaner and richer taste but for the amount of prawn and pasta at half the price, it's a real steal.

I've read online that the service is lousy and slow, but it was pretty alright when I was there. Definitely not the speediest service but neither was it snail paced. I suppose that if you're a slow eater (unlike me) you should choose the 2nd seating cos the food takes about half an hour or longer to be served - and you won't want to be shooed out of the restaurant before you're done.We gave desserts a miss because of the time limit. The food here is served piping hot - and all the dishes we ordered came out steaming +++. And the portions are extremely generous for the price.

Anyway, however it tastes, because the calories and LDL matter to me (extremely limited budget for each), and Brunos is all the way in the east, I'd pick Valentinos. But if you're an eastie or on a tight(er) budget, Brunos is a great place to go to for simple, good tasting affordable Italian fare.

Bruno's Pizzeria and Grill
338 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel 64404525 

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