Sunday, December 16, 2012

Food for Thought - Brunch

Food For Thought's Full Works ($18) - I was insanely hungry that day and decided to conquer the full works - scrambled eggs (nice and creamy, but a great pity that it was not served hot!), bacon (don't like bacon, so no comments here), chicken sausage (which were cut up into little pieces - I don't know what's up with the bite sized portions - I'm not a fan of easy chew diet), sauteed mushrooms (nice and juicy), roasted tomato salad (comes with a zingy dressing) and hash brown balls (didn't like this - it's straight out of a packet) and toasted thick brioche bread,
It's pretty much self service - and there's jams, butter and other condiments at the side counter. I found their pink dragonfruit jam very interesting and they also have marmalade. 
 The tomato salad as a full dish - can't remember how much this costs.
 Their English scone ($3)- it's really very big about the size of my palm and is very rich and fluffy. Comes with clotted cream. It's really value for money - considering that in most of the newer cafes, the scones are half the size and nearly double the price...
Berry pancakes ($10) - I liked the texture of the pancakes - not so cakey, slightly glutinous (like a kueh), and just the right thickness (for me, its the thickness similar to Macdonalds pancakes - still the most comforting pancakes in my opinion). I also thought that substituting the usual maple syrup or honey for gula melaka was a fantastic idea - the smoky gula melaka gives the pancakes a refreshing twist - and I'm sure it costs a fraction of real maple syrup.
Some lemon dessert which was not bad (can't remember what it was since I didn't order it and stole a bite ^_^)
Prices here are very reasonable and portions are big - the only grouse that I had was that the food wasn't served hot - it was only slightly warm. I don't know if it was all ready made and then plated, or if it was just left sitting around for a while before it was served as the place was really crowded.

For the good prices (nett, no service charge!) I'd definitely return again.

Food for Thought
1 Botanic Gardens
(On the Gleneagles side, not the NUS law campus side)

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