Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pho Stop

I can't wait for the 29th of Nov to be over! Then I'll finally be doing something that I actually want to do for the next 7 months :D Can't wait can't wait! AND I have watched more movies in the last month (a miserable 2) than for the whole year! omg! So I shall be posting more (I've been eating out quite a bit in the last 2 weeks) and trying to revive this dusty blog. 

 Sour plum soda from Pho Stop - this budget friendly little restaurant along Tanjong Pagar. I really like this plum soda thing - when I had this I was thinking how I could recreate this at home - but I don't know which kind of plum to use...
 The fresh vietnamese rice rolls - packed with lots of crunchy veggies, herbs and shredded chicken. I didn't quite like the sauce that came with it - much prefer the thin fish sauce with chilli. I have a penchant for all these rice paper rolls...
 Fish cakes - oily fried goodness, tastes very fresh and not like those frozen and refried kind.
 My main of grilled pork with rice ($8.80) - usually I order pho but I having a meat craving that day. The grilled pork was nicely marinaded, slightly charred and went well with the sunnyside up egg and pickled vegetables.
Their menu is very compact and features pho with either chicken or beef stock. Usually the chicken pho tastes bland and does not match up to their beef counterpart but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chicken stock 
 Their mains are sub $10 - very budget friendly for a dinner place and the portions are not stingy either.
I don't drink coffee so I can't comment on their Vietnamese Coffee.
 I've finally tried Popaganda ice lollies that I've been reading so much about - it's a locally made dairy free preservative free organic ice cream - sounds too good to be true right - though I am sure it's packed full of sugar (tastes really good). 
I think I had the mixed berries ice lolly (some berry thing at least, I can't remember). It's about $5 per pop and smaller than I expected but each bite is bursting with a refreshing berry flavour.

If I worked in the area, I won't mind dropping by but the food isn't outstandingly great that I would rush down at the next opportunity. So I suppose that this is ideal for the people working in the area - I think the rice rolls and fish cakes will make a great lunch without the risk of having post-prandial-stupor.

Service here was exceptionally good - attentive, knowledgable and quick. Thumbs up for the waitstaff at Pho Stop.

Pho Stop
21Tanjong Pagar Road
Te; 62214001

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