Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blu Kouzina

This is a repeat visit to Blu Kouzina - the last time I went was nearly 2 years back. It's perpetually crowded whenever I pass by, but cos there were so many other restaurants to try, I didn't go back for a long long time. The food below was shared amongst 4 people - portions are just right for sharing and that way, we could sample a greater variety of foods. 
Talagani ($17.80) - Sheep milk cheese from Messinia topped with blu sauce
This cheese is very similar to haloumi cheese, with quite a firm texture, and it was rather salty.
I really like the pita bread with dips - they have a special dipping platter sampler - which consists of 3 dips, but cos I wanted more tzatziki, we decided to go with 2 full sized dips.
Tzatziki ($13.80)
Yogurt mixed with cucumber, EVOO and flavoured with garlic. Very refreshing and creamy, a bit like the Indian raita that we have locally. Goes really well with the pita bread.

Taramosalata ($14.80) Cod roe dip
This was way too salty for me. It had a slightly fishy taste which I found quite disagreeable.
Grilled pita bread

Saganaki with Figs ($17.80++) - Kefalotiri psito with fig sauce
Hard sheep cheese with sweet figs. This was very similar to our first dish - I'd suggest just going with one of the cheese dishes. Choose this one if you prefer something a bit sweeter.
Imam Baildi ($17.80) - Whole eggplant filled with tomato based sauce
I really liked this dish cos I'm partial to eggplant. Tender braised eggplant stuffed with a chunky tomato and onion sauce. Very tasty and satisfying.

Paidakia stin Sxara ($29.80) - 3 grilled lamb chops with patates tiganites and vegetable of the day
The lamb chops were tender, pink and juicy. It was so nice that we were gnawing on the bone.

Xtapodi Sxaras ($29.80) - Grilled octopus with lemon and EVOO
I much preferred this octopus to Moosehead's cos it doesn't taste as burnt and carcinogenic, and yet has a nice soft chewy texture.
Apple with cinnamon and greek thyme honey ($8.80)
Tasted like something that I could have easily replicated at home - just that the honey was special - more floral and fragrant. 
Bougatsa ($13.80) - semolina cream filling
This was like filo pastry filled with this light and airy cream - much less oily and heavy going as compared to baklava.

Other than the unpronounceable names, which we got around by pointing at the menu like barbarians, and having the server peer over, and the boisterous table beside us, whereby we had to raise our voices to communicate with each other, the dining experience was really good and I'd definitely go back for a repeat visit.

Blu Kouzina
893 Bukit Timah Road Singaproe 589615
Tel 68750872
Tues- Sundays 6-10pm

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