Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sushi Kuu

Had the omakase at Sushi Kuu for a Saturday dinner recently. It's located in Palais Renaissance so it's a little bit out of the way from the main Orchard shopping belt.  
Onsen Tamago - essentially a half boiled egg sitting in a tasty broth, with a little piece of very fresh uni
Starters - including Japanese Pickles, Edamame and pickled ginger
Super fresh and juicy oyster with grated radish and ponzu sauce.
Prettily presented sashimi - there's big prawn, scallops, some shellfish, huge thick slices of otoro etc etc. Looks just like a garden.
Grilled tuna collar - cos I don't eat beef
Got the prawn heads deep fried - super delicious and satisfying with a just a light sprinkle of sea salt.
The grilled alternative to the tempura - grilled yellow tail - and quite a large portion too
Snowcrab leg tempura and vegetable tempura.
Sushi - the lettuce leaf has salmon with some sesame sauce wrapped inside, and more otoro!
Dobin mushi - tea pot soup
Clear, light tasting soup with mushrooms, gingko nut, prawn and fish
Desserts - we tried all their 3 desserts - the matcha mousse was rich and creamy, with a very strong matcha taste.
Almond pudding with plum wine jelly - the lightest dessert
Pannacotta - very smooth and creamy

The above is the omakase ($150++) which was very very filling - super stuffed after the dinner and really benefitted from the walk back to my car at Ion. Service is very attentive and good. Dishes very fresh and light.

Perhaps I'll come over and try their lunch sets the next time Aoki is full...

Sushi Kuu
390 Orchard Road
Palais Renaissance #01-07
Tel 67360100

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