Monday, October 14, 2013

Moosehead Kitchen and Bar

Had a super carcinogenic dinner at Moosehead - ended late after a super exhausting day at work (fortunately it's a rarity) and had to rush like a mad woman all the way to Raffles Place which is my most disliked region in Singapore cos it's in the CBD + multitudes of one way streets + lousy parking. Plus my google maps took the opportunity to mislead me into rushing AWAY from my destination on foot for a good 5 min.

They cook most of the dishes in their oven, so there's a really nice bbq/smoked smell to them.
However, the many charred bits added up and by the end of the meal, I felt like swearing off any more BBQs. Don't get me wrong - you'll love it if you like the burnt bits from the bbq meats but I'm scared of the carcinogens.
Bacon wrapped chargrilled dates, roast garlic aioli and pine nuts ($8)
The bacon dates and pine nuts - streaky back bacon wrapped around a soft date - the saltiness and oil from the streaky bacon combined by the pulpy sweet date - super delicious (but then again, makes me feel like re-creating this dish at home. The garlic aioli wasn't very prominent. You can see that there's only one date I took a photo of - cos I was late.
Chargrilled asparagus, leeks, garlic miso drssing ($12)
The asparagus was nicely cooked - charrgrilled, smoky and and yet crispy but I thought the dressing tasted very Chinese.
Tomatoes, charred spring onion, hand shaved bonito ($14)
The tomatoes were blanched, super sweet that they tasted like grapes, and on the whole I really liked this dish cos it was very lightly seasoned and flavoured.
Charcoal roasted eggplant dip, kalamata olives, capers, thyme($12)
I really like eggplant so I quite liked this dish. It was a bit on the salty side, especially with the olives. I liked their crusty restaurant bread, but would have preferred the bread to be lest burnt.
Smashed eggs, smoked porcini, black summer truffle ($16)
I was a bit dissappointed by this dish - cos it sounded so interesting. The porcini was really nice - meaty and juicy - perhaps it was cos we were all trying to take a photo of the dish the egg got overcooked? I have no idea but I won't be getting this the nex ttime. Can't really taste the truffle either.
Grilled sea bass, anchovy butter, roast eggplant caviar ($26)
Not a bad dish, but it was a bit too salty - the seabass skin was crispy, the anchovy butter added this umami taste to th lightly seasoned seabass, and th eeggplant caviar (I have no idea why it's called eggplant caviar) reminded us of the eggplant dip dish.
Grilled octopus, roast baby potatoes, red pepper $32)
The octopus was lovely - creamy texture with this interesting pepper sauce. One of my friends now aspires to catch and octopus and sell all the eight legs to make money...
Wagyu shoulder, charred kai-lan, mushroom and onion jam ($28 for 160 grams)
The dessert was really delicious - it was a anise roasted pineapple, coconut yoghurt and meringue ($12)
you can give me a whole bowl of this (not that it is very big) anytime and I'll eat the whole thing up.
It comes in this clay pot and you have to break the meringue into little pieces and stir it in. The pineapple was lovely - caramelized and marinated with anise, but the portion was tiny! (The pineapple is that brown thing at 6o'clock in the photo)

It's not that I didn't enjoy dinner, just that it's not the type of food that I like - I prefer cleaner tasting, lightly seasoned food (like Japanese food or the Naked Finn).

We ajourned to Once Upon a Milkshake after for some delicious milkshakes - because the bar we wanted to go to had no more seats, and dessert can never go wrong.  The strawberry is still my fave and I'm glad to say that it hasn't changed since it opened (like when we were still in uni? which is a good 8 years ago!)

Moosehead Kitchen and Bar
110 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore
Tel 66368055
Mon- Sat, closed Sunday


Anonymous said...

i like carcinogenic food. The food looks good. And I appreciate your objectiveness even though it's not the kind of food you like.

red fir said...

I love ouam's strawberry milkshake too! But it was opened in 2009, not 8 years ago. ;)