Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Diner

I've finally tried Little Diner after what seems like ten thousand years - I pass it on a daily basis, and it's near my house but somehow I take eons to try the places near me. The row of shops along Bukit Timah Road next to Sixth avenue have changed quite a few times, probably due to the sky high rent? But Little Diner looks like it's here to stay.

I had to try the Red Velvet Pancakes, after seeing it on my Instagram feed - looked so interesting and unique. However, out of all the food we got, this was the most mehhh dish. Sounds better on paper. Perhaps it's cos I couldn't get over the fact that the colour was bright red and I kept thinking it looked like play dough? Of course, it tastes like pancakes (a bit flat, even flatter than Macdonald's pancakes) and it came with a generous scoop of ricotta cheese (which I thought was ice cream initially! serves me right for not reading the menu properly).
The brioche was a bit too soggy for my liking, and there wasn't enough nutella (but I'm a massive nutella fan so I might be biased), and the crusted cereal sides didn't add very much texture, perhaps cos the cereal bits were too tiny.
The fried banana was ok - but nothing very spectacular. If I had this alone I might not come back for a return visit.
The truffle fries are rave worthy - I'm not a great lover of french fries, but these were mind blowing. I think I must have scoffed down at least half the portion (while my dining companions made friendly conversation). I like my fries slightly soggy, so these are the ultimate best fries for me. And it's infused with garlic (can still smell them on my fingers - I would suggest that you be civilized and use a fork unlike me or not you'll have the garlicky smell). The fries still have the skin on, with a splash of truffle oil and a sprinkle of cheese. Beats PS cafe's dainty truffle fries by a mile. But I'm biased.
The mac and cheese version 2.0 was also worthy of the calories it packs. Crunchy baked top with al dente macaroni, and lots of cream and cheese, some mushrooms and a mild hint of truffle oil.
I haven't tried the normal mac and cheese, but why settle for anything less?
The Krusty Krab benedict was pretty good - the crab cakes were packed full of the sweet flakey crab bits, and the outside golden and crispy - totally worthy of all the oils and trans fats. Egg was well poached, and brioche nicely toasted. (The crab cakes are hidden under the bacon).

Service here is very efficient and friendly, I'll definitely be back! Big mistake on my part not to try it earlier. Grab 3-4 friends so that you can get a good sampling of their dishes.

Little Diner
789 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269763
Tel 64664088

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