Thursday, October 17, 2013

Le Cafe - Soya bean tarts

It's easy to overlook and forget the old school dessert stores amongst the flurry and hype of the newer bakeries opening.

Le Cafe is one of my favourite old school bakeries - the golfball pineapple tarts here are very famous (but not something that I like cos it's too buttery and crumbly), and their old school butter cream cakes. But my favourite desert from Le Cafe has to be their soya bean tarts.

The mixed flavours box has 2 plain tarts, one with longan, boiled peanuts, red bean, gingko nuts with white fungus, egg white and herbal jelly. I like the last 3 tarts, and the plain ones the best. The tarts aren't small either, and it's filled with lots of the delicious fresh tasting soya bean filling.

It sells like hotcakes so to avoid disappointment, do give them a ring before going down. A box of 8 mixed flavour bean curd tarts only costs $9, which is extremely affordable, considering that cupcakes these days can cost $3-4 per pop.

Some of my other favourite old school bakeries is the Rich and Good cake shop at Kandahar Street, as well as Love confectionary at Alexandra village.

Le Cafe Singapore
Elias Building
264 Middle Road Singapore 188990
Tel 63372417

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FoodieFC said...

i love the original tarts!