Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Etna Italian Restaurant - Duxton Road

Etna has been around for a pretty long time, but cos it's all the way in the east, I've never managed to trudge there. So when the very outdated me found out that they had a branch in a more accessible place in Duxton Road, I was more than happy to give it a try. Also, it was a chance to meet elusiveanna (who actually took the initiative to organize this get together!).

Restaurant bread - nice and crusty, with herbed garlic butter. Exercised lots of self restraint to not ask for seconds...

I really can't remember what were the Italian names of the dishes we ordered.
Crabmeat linguine - I much prefer Marmalade pantry's rendition.  This was a more toned down, with no punchy tomato/garlic/herbs.

The seafood squid ink pasta - I think Valentino's version trumps it (especially with their delicious butter sauce! my arteries are clogged) but this is probably the pseudo-healthier version of that. Not to say that the seafood wasn't fresh or the linguine wasn't good, just that there's always a better version out there. 

Seafood Pizza - delicious crispy thin crust.

I was quite surprised that we had difficulty polishing off the 3 main courses, cos there were 3 of us and we didn't get any starters. It was a really heavy meal and I was in post prandial stupor for the rest of the day (but I still managed to create stomach space for a bit of dessert after that...)

The only gripe I had was that the food wasn't served hot - it was served warm, not piping hot and steaming. I think I'm becoming old cos these kind of things didn't use to bother me but now it does.
The nice black and white interior - service was slow even though they weren't crowded on a Saturday morning. Then again, not like we were in a great hurry.

50 Duxton Road
Singapore 089534
Tel 62205513

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