Monday, September 30, 2013

Tsukada Nojo Ramen

So I've revisited Tsukada Nojo again cos I thought the ramen was pretty good, and worth a second try. I have not, however, managed to go there for dinner to try their famed bijin nabe (made from the goodness of chicken collagen).
Comes in a claypot so the noodles and soup are kept warm. I'm still liking the silky smooth soup lots, and the richness and texture similar to sharks cartilage soup. There's two tender chunks of chicken (served quite cold, but tastes better after dunking them into the soup to warm them up), a mound of spinach, soft boiled egg and loads of spring onion.
Thin yellow noodles (just like mee kia), but a bit more eggy and springy. Makes for a very satisfying meal especially on a rainy (weekend) morning. I suppose that explains the lack of a queue. But then again, I might prefer sleeping in...

I really want to try the tonkotsu ramen king but I'm too lazy to queue and they don't accept bookings. #firstworldproblems

Tsukada Nojo
60B Orchard Road
The Atrium-Orchard Level #03-81

Singapore 238891
Tel 6336 5003


Jasper said...

I still haven't taken the time to pop by! Now I know to visit when it's raining. :p

Anonymous said...

Tonkotsu ramen king is really good! But wah, i really feel like tryung Tsukada Nojo now after your recommendation.