Friday, September 13, 2013

Group Therapy Cafe Desserts

Didn't try the brunch/lunch here but the Snickers Tart really blew me away! Especially significant since I'm not a fan of snickers to begin with. 
The shortcrust pastry was nice and firm, neither to buttery/dry or crumbly, the choc layer nice and thick and this gooey nougat like centre which was like a more liquid version of the snickers innards. I think it's topped with shards of honeycomb? 
It was about $7 or $8 I can't remember cos I was rushing off after dessert but this tart  is definitely a winner. Though I don't think I want to stress my pancreas too much and finish the whole thing. About 1/4 or 1/3 should be enough sugar for the day.

This was the ice cream waffle - pretty average, perhaps it was overshadowed by the awesome snickers tart. 
They have quite an interesting selection of teas - and I picked the silver tips cos according to what I learnt on the tea plantation in Sri Lanka, silver tips are the most prized part of the whole tea plant. I'm no tea connoisseur - I think it tastes pretty much like how most teas taste, perhaps a little milder and silver tips are  supposed to lower your cholesterol :D 
Brunch looks good - will consider coming back perhaps on a Sunday (Saturdays carpark sucks here)

Group Therapy Cafe
49 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513
Tel 62222554

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