Monday, September 23, 2013

Sushi Mitsuya - Lunch set

The barachirashi lunch set at Sushi Mitsuya is a fierce rival to my favourite Aoki Mazechirashi set. It's more expensive too, at $60++. It's a really tiny restaurant, and we sat at the counter where we could see the chefs work their magic. There's lots of toppings on the rice, fresh wasabi, and each spoonful was bliss. Their egg cake which is fluffier and paler than Aoki's, but definitely not lacking in flavour. Service is here is impeccable.

I'd say it's a hard fight between this and Aoki, but I would probably go back to Aoki's as first choice because of the pricing and location - going to the Tanjong Pagar area during lunch time is a pain.

The soup was a clear, light tasting broth with these really interesting lotus buds(?) which had a coating of slime.

Dessert was walnut tofu and plum
More desserts at Tsujiri!
Sushi Mitsuya
60 Tras Street
Tel 64382608
Opened Monday to Sat 
12pm-3pm, 6pm -11pm

On another note, I just watched this BBC documentary called "Cold Chain" and it's very interesting - Ewan McGregor shows how healthcare workers get vaccinations to some of the worlds most remote places  - if you're free click here for the youtube link - there's 2 films - one is on Nepal and the other is Congo.


red fir said...

That slimy thing is junsai (water shield). :)

Anonymous said...

The slimy thing is pond algae, very interesting texture and taste!

That's not a lot of food for $60 hor.

BTW, I love how each entry deviates at one point of time. It's hilarious and unexpected! Thanks for the Monday afternoon laugh.